QR codes

Yesterday the government announced that it would become mandatory to scan QR codes when entering businesses or any indoor spaces where people gather.   

As every community case of Covid shows, it is really important to use the codes to keep track of your movements and who has entered your premises in the course of the day.  This ‘online diary’ of your movements helps keep us all a little safer.

But how do you get customers to scan?  And what is a QR code?

This Stuff article offers up Seven tips for getting your customers to scan your QR code

But long before Covid, QR codes were being used as a form of marketing.

The article  What is a QR code? provides readers with a bit of background to the basics and how it is employed.

The article  8 uses of QR codes for a measurable marketing campaign

considers how to utilise QR codes for a better marketing strategy that reaches, engages and converts your audience, while Neil Patel’s blog
5 Genius Examples of QR Codes in Marketing
lists ways QR codes can be used and provides further eye-catching examples where QR codes have been used to market a campaign or a product.

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