New business and management books

Syndetics book coverRiding the creative rollercoaster : how leaders evoke creativity, productivity and innovation / Dr. Nick Udall.
“Leadership is about creating opportunities for individuals and teams in order to cultivate innovation at all levels of an organization. The only way to shape purposeful, meaningful and successful futures is through innovation. This book turns the current understanding of innovation on its head. It explores how innovation is actually a mindset, not a business led process. How we think, relate, learn and organize either moves us towards this mindset or away from it. It’s time for leaders to move to a multi-dimensional view of innovation, where creative breakthrough is evoked by design. Rewriting the rules of innovation, each chapter reveals a different part of the puzzle, giving the reader new insights to re-order and re-pattern what leadership in today’s world can achieve”– Provided by publisher

Syndetics book coverStrategic thinking for advertising creatives / Alice Kavounas Taylor.“Comprehensive, insightful, readable…As an-award winning copywriter – not to mention joint founder and former leader of one of the UK’s most renowned creative advertising courses – Alice Kavounas Taylor ought to know a thing or two about advertising strategy. Here’s proof that she does. The book gives an in-depth yet approachable view of a complex subject, deconstructing each step of the classic Creative Brief in turn, and illustrating the principles of the process with well chosen practical examples. A valuable addition to the library of anyone studying, or with an interest in, creativity and strategic thinking.” (Amazon UK reviewer)

Syndetics book coverFinding the space to lead : a practical guide to mindful leadership / by Janice Marturano.
“Great resource…As a certified coach this is the resource I’ve been looking for. Working with leaders for 11 years, teaching these tools is an integral part of our work. Now we have Janice’s tips, practices, and realistic ways to integrate mindfulness into our busy days. This book includes the role of emotions in leadership (often ignored or barely acknowledged), practical methods such as desk chair meditation, and purposeful pauses. I highly recommend this book.” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverBuilding your business the right-brain way : sustainable success for the creative entrepreneur / Jennifer Lee ; illustrations by Kate Prentiss ; foreword by Michael Port.
“Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way by Jennifer Lee is a solid book to help more creative types (or right-brained people) build their business. Lee includes valuable resources and tips on succeeding, and coaches you through the exercises to help you along the way. If you have big goals or little goals, this is definitely a book you should read!.. a fun, colorful, and engaging book to read about business. It doesn’t seem like those words should be used in the same sentence, but it works with Lee’s book! The format of the book works in an organized, practical way to help people who are more creative than set on working with excel sheets about money and their business plan. Of course a business should be taken seriously, but who says you can’t also have fun while being successful with it? ” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverOut of office / Simon Salt.
“Salt has done a great job of writing a step-by-step guide for people who are seeking to work from home part-time or full-time. It’s especially great for people new to this type of working situation but also beneficial for people who have being doing it for awhile and feel like something is not quite work. It covers a lot of different potential challenges and offers different ideas for resolving them to make the work from home situation actually work. I really appreciate that Salt took the time to consult a number of different people who have worked from home in different ways and included their information, experiences and tips in the book. We all do this type of work differently so it’s helpful to see a variety of viewpoints on common issues” (Amazon reviewer)

Syndetics book coverThe brain sell : when science meets shopping : how the new mind sciences and the persuasion industry are reading our thoughts, influencing our emotions and stimulating us to shop / Dr. David Lewis.
“The Perfect Guide to Neuromarketing, What makes David Lewis’s book so impressive is the balance it strikes between conveying his undoubted expertise in investigating the way consumers’ brains work and his candour about the limitations of neuromarketing techniques like EEG and fMRI.
Lewis evidently understands the subject with the depth that reflects his academic background, however his written style is light and accessible and the book is peppered with real-world examples that reveal how companies capitalise on the way in which our brains work (which is appreciably different from how we think we think!).” (Amazon UK reviewer)