Re-posting of disaster recovery articles for business

In view of the recent impact on individuals and businesses in Christchurch, I thought it might be useful to pull together some recent articles on how businesses can best prepare for such an event. 

Although the first two articles are not available fulltext on the databases, they can be obtained via interloan from other libraries.  I included them because they look of particular interest.

Organisational resilience: Researching the reality of New Zealand organisations by Savill et al in Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning; Apr2008, Vol. 2 Issue 3, pp 258-266 (Abstract only available)

Ready for Anything by Stephanie Williams,  in Occupational Health & Safety; Apr2010, Vol. 79 Issue 4, p52-57.  Abstract available.

If you have a Wellington City Libraries card you will be able to access the fulltext of the following articles these through the links.  However, if you have not used our databases within the last 30 days you will have to log in and authenticate your library card first here 

Get ready, now by Daniel Cauchy, in CA Magazine; Jun/Jul2010, Vol. 143 Issue 5, pp40-42

Personal Business Continuity Planning by   Avinash Kadam, in Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective; Jan2010, Vol. 19 Issue 1, pp4-10,

and  authenticate here to read the following articles

After it Hits the Fan by Anthony R Lentini Jr. in  Risk Management: Jun 2009.  Vol. 56,  Iss. 5,  pp 42-44,46-47,5

7 Habits of Highly Resilient Organizations by Jeff Godlewski in  Financial Executive: May 2010.  Vol. 26 ,  Iss. 4,  pp 54-55

Effective Preparedness Training by Mike Resimius and John Stiller in Professional Safety:Mar 2010.  Vol. 55,  Iss. 3,  pp 18-20

Business Continuity During and After Disaster: Building Resilience through Continuity Planning and Management by Douglas Paton in ASBM Journal of Management:2009.  Vol. 2, Iss. 2,  pp 1-16

Web 2.0 emergency applications: how useful can twitter be for emergency response?  Mills et al in Journal of Information Privacy & Security:2009. Vol. 5, Iss. 3 pp 3-26