World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: 27 October

Film ReelIt’s World Audiovisual Heritage day today, so we thought we’d spotlight a few pages over on The New Zealand Film Archive‘s website, and on a few other sites that are helping preserve and popularise our own history of the moving image:

  • The First Picture Show: New Zealand Film History Gets Moving

    This is a quick documentary snippet of soldiers departing Wellington for the Boer War in 1900, and these pages are the story of its discovery, identification, and restoration and preservation. You can also watch the film online – there’s a (slightly obscured) link in the right-hand sidebar. Here’s how the Film Archive describe this film:

    The Departure of the Second Contingent for the Boer War is the oldest New Zealand film in the Film Archive’s collection. It depicts a parade of young New Zealand soldiers on the eve of their departure to fight alongside their British countrymen in the South African Boer War. The fact that such an event was recorded at the time is remarkable enough, but the story of how the fragile footage survived, was identified and lovingly restored by the Film Archive‚Äôs team of conservators and historians is testament to the important role that film plays in defining our culture and heritage.

  • New Zealand’s Missing Film History

    This page on the Film Archive website describes some (known) missing titles and what they were about – e.g. Hinemoa from 1914 was “The first big dramatic work filmed and acted in the land of the Moa”! (The page also has contact details if you know anything about what happened to the reels of these films after they were shown)

  • AV Heritage : Tips for storing your film collection at home

    This page is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: tips for storing your film collection at home. Protip: *always* hang on the original, even if you’ve made a DVD copy for backup.

  • NZ On Screen

    This is a NZ On Air project launched in 2007 which has all kinds of amazing New Zealand film and TV snippets available to view online — it’s really amazing what you can access.

    Look! It’s Kimbra before she was famous on What Now?:

    What Now? - Kimbra excerpt

    Or watch an episode of 1981’s Under the Mountain:

    Under the Mountain - The Alien World Below