Wellingtonians at the Library

As part of the Central Library’s 20th Anniversary celebrations several noteworthy Wellingtonians were filmed talking about their favourite books – how they’ve been influenced by them, how they discovered them etc. – amongst the shelves. Here is the complete “Wellingtonians at the Library” playlist, also viewable along with all of our other videos on our Youtube channel.

And, if you haven’t seen them yet, here is our photoset on Flickr taken during the celebrations.

Wellington City Libraries’ visit to Zealandia – Part 1

As part of our Summer in Wellington series, Wellington City Libraries have been visiting Zealandia – the Karori Sanctuary. This the first video of four, taking place outside the Visitor Centre, in the bag check area.


Want to know more? Check out these titles:

  1. Invaders, by Nic Vallance & Rod Morris (about pests in New Zealand)
  2. Know Your New Zealand…Birds, by Lynette Moon (Reference only)
  3. Know your New Zealand…Insects & Spiders, by John Early
  4. Know your New Zealand…Native Plants, by Lawrie Metcalf
  5. Know your New Zealand Trees, by Lawrie Metcalf
  6. The Chatham Islands: heritage and conservation
  7. Little Barrier island: New Zealand Foremost wildlife sanctuary
  8. Living like Ed, by Ed Begley, Jr. (dealing with sustainable living)
  9. Wasted: save your planet, save your cash
  10. Green Greener Greenest (dealing with being ‘green’ around the house)