Law for Lunch this week – Tenancy and the current law


You are all invited to attend the first Law for Lunch seminar this August presented by Alan Henwood from the Tenancy Tribunal, and Community Law Wellington. Come along to hear about

  1. The recent changes to tenants’ liability for damage
  2. Residential Tenancies Act overview and
  3. How Tenancy Tribunal can help you if you have a dispute

You are all welcome to attend, hear about your rights and obligations as a tenant or a landlord and understand when and how you could take action. Ask your questions and learn how tenancy disputes can be resolved and an agreement between parties is achieved. Listen to good legal advice from law experts on how to defend your rights.

The presentation is held this Wednesday, August 3, from 12 noon to 1pm, on the Ground Floor of the Wellington Central Library. Refreshments will be served.

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Law for Lunch: Renting? It’s more than just a flat – Make sure your landlord respects your rights

Law for Lunch

This week’s Law for Lunch talk offers information on Renting and your rights as a tenant. It is presented by Dr Sarah Bierre from University of Otago and NZ Tenancy Services.

The presentation will be focusing on

• Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act
• Renting a safer, drier, and warmer home
• Tenant rights and landlords’ obligations

You are welcome to come along, listen to the recent legislation, ask your questions and find out about possible solutions.

This seminar will take place this Wednesday, October 15 from 12 noon to 1pm, on the Ground Floor of the Central Library. All welcome!
Refreshments will be served.