How to Find Stillness Within: New Health Titles in the Collection

From birth to death and everywhere in between, we have a whole host of new health titles in the collection this January.  Here are some to get you started.

How to find stillness within : the yoga therapy plan to help you find inner peace in a chaotic world / Dunsmuir, Colin
“How to Find Stillness Within is a therapeutic programme to help readers accept their flaws and discover a more fulfilling way of living, featuring a foreword by Cara Delevingne.  Whether you’d like to boost your mental and physical wellbeing, general health, or gain a supportive framework to help you to overcome difficult situations that you’re facing in life, this book can help.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Overcoming stress-induced brain fog : 10 simple ways to find focus, improve memory & feel grounded / Weber, Jill P.
“Brain fog-that feeling of being overstimulated and stressed to the point where it affects the ability to focus, concentrate, or communicate effectively-is a very real issue for many people. The prolonged stress and anxiety that lead to brain fog can decrease motivation, passion, and even one’s sense of self-worth. This book presents proven-effective skills from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuroscience, and offers readers ten powerful and accessible approaches for cutting through the haze and reclaiming control.” (Catalogue)

Duel without end : mankind’s battle with microbes / Frøland, Stig Sophus
“From the bubonic plague to theoretical pathogens on other worlds, a sweeping look at the past, present, and future of mass infections-and how we battle them. In this panoramic and up-to-date account, we learn how the Black Death, smallpox, the 1918 influenza pandemic, and other great epidemics have not only led to enormous suffering and mass death but have also contributed to the fall of empires and changed the course of history. Duel Without End is a fascinating journey through the long history of infection, from the dawn of life to humanity’s future exploration of deep space.” ( Adapted from Catalogue)

Healthier homes : a blueprint for creating a toxin-free living environment / Stout, Jen
“We spend 90% percent of our time indoors and consider our homes to be safe havens from the stresses and dangers of the outside world, but what most of us don’t know is that the materials used to build our homes can contribute to our ill health. Healthy Home Builder is a soup-to-nuts guide for builders and DIY-er’s starting with the design and site selection, progressing to the materials for the interior and exterior of the home, and addressing the finishing touches of interior design and furnishings – and it includes a gorgeous photo gallery of homes that have been built with health and wellness in mind.”(Adapted from Catalogue)

Rest is resistance : a manifesto / Hersey, Tricia
“Disrupt and push back against capitalism and white supremacy. In this book, Tricia Hersey, aka The Nap Bishop, encourages us to connect to the liberating power of rest, daydreaming, and naps as a foundation for healing and justice. With captivating storytelling and practical advice, all delivered in Hersey’s lyrical voice and informed by her deep experience in theology, activism, and performance art, Rest Is Resistance is a call to action, a battle cry, a field guide, and a manifesto for all of us who are sleep deprived, searching for justice, and longing to be liberated from the oppressive grip of Grind Culture.”(Adapted from Catalogue)

The myth of normal : trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture / Maté, Gabor
“In this revolutionary book, renowned physician Gabor Maté eloquently dissects how in Western countries that pride themselves on their healthcare systems, chronic illness and general ill health are on the rise. Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug; more than half take two. In Canada, every fifth person has high blood pressure. In Europe, hypertension is diagnosed in more than 30 percent of the population. And everywhere, adolescent mental illness is on the rise. So what is really “normal” when it comes to health?”(Catalogue)

Stumbling through space and time : living life with dyspraxia / Richings, Rosemary
Rosemary shares her experience of growing up dyspraxic, and how it impacts her sense of space, time and co-ordination.  Full of practical tips and insights into the strategies that gave Rosemary the confidence to succeed, this is an essential guide for other dyspraxics and those supporting them, which shows you how you too can thrive as a dyspraxic person.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


Minding your mind : understanding your mind : taking control of your mental health / Hickie, Ian
“It’s our greatest asset, but it can also be our greatest adversary, allowing in self-doubt, anxious thoughts and depression. Written with compassion and curiosity, warmth and humour, Minding Your Mind is for anyone who wants the best for their mental well-being but might not know the best way to get there. It’s a check-up for everything happening between the ears and through the body, flagging the warning signs when things get wobbly and offering a pathway to a more fulfilling life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Shodo : the practice of mindfulness through the ancient art of Japanese calligraphy / Takeda, Rie
“The ancient Japanese art of calligraphy is more than just a decorative skill; it is a revolutionary approach to mindfulness. This is alongside spiritual guidance, including the concept of Mushin (an undisturbed mind), Qi energy, and how to discover your unique inner quality. ” (Adapted from Catalogue)


And finally : matters of life and death / Marsh, Henry
“From the bestselling neurosurgeon and author of Do No Harm, an unflinching and deeply personal exploration of death, life and neuroscience. As a retired brain surgeon, Henry Marsh thought he understood illness, but he was unprepared for the impact of his diagnosis of advanced cancer. Elegiac, candid, luminous and poignant, And Finally is ultimately not so much a book about death, but a book about life and what matters in the end.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


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