5 minutes with Rae Joyce – Comicfest feature

Comicfest 2015 is almost here! Head over to the Facebook event for all the details and to receive event updates. There are panels and workshops for comic-lovers of all ages, and don’t forget to come along to the Central Library on Saturday 2nd May to pick up a free comic book on Free Comic Book Day, courtesy of GRAPHIC!

Rae Joyce Self PortraitToday we’re talking to Rae Joyce about her comic work, and what we can look forward to at her Comicfest panel. Rae Joyce, also known as Rachel J. Fenton, is a poet, prose-writer and cartoonist. Born in 1976, she grew up in South Yorkshire. Notable works include Escape Behaviours and Alchemy Hour, for which she won AUT’s Graphic Fiction Prize. Other awards for her poetry, fiction and comics include being a finalist for the Dundee International Book prize. She recently participated in the NZ Book Council’s Residential Exchange with Taiwan and exhibited her work in the Taipei International Book Exhibition.

What is the first significant comic related job or project you remember working on?
My first official paying job, when I was seventeen, was designing and painting murals.

Can you tell us about your current, or most recent project?
My most recent project was a collaboration between me and Australian writer Anita Heiss for Cordite Poetry Review. My next job is a collaboration with playwright Carolyn Gage in which I shall attempt to incorporate her radical feminist linguistics into a comic with broad appeal.

Rae Joyce's workWhat is your favourite part of your working process?
Ideas. Watercolour painting. The parts I think I’m best at.

What or who are your favourite NZ comics or creators?
Adele Jackson, Alex McCrone, Alex Wild, Alice Tumblescribbleson, Alie Macpherson, Andra Jenkin, Bek Coogan, Beth Duckingmonster, Beth Sometimes, Carolyn Anderson, Celia Allison, Claire Harris, Dawn Tuffery, Demarnia Lloyd, Diane Rimmer, Elsie Joliffe, Emma Blackett, Erin Fae, Debra Boyask, Giselle Clarkson, Indira Neville, The Rabbid, Jem Yoshioka, Jessica Dew, Jessica Hansell, Joanna Anderson, Judy Darragh, Kayla Oliver, Kerry Ann Lee, Lauren Marriott, Margaret Silverwood, Olga Krause, Linda Lew, Lisa Noble, Liz Mathews, Loux McLellen, Lucy Meyle, Maiangi Waitai, Marina Williams, Mary Tamblyn, Mengzhu Fu, Mirranda Burton, Miriam Harris, Pritika Lal, Rachel Benefield, Rachel Shearer, Raewyn Alexander, Rebecca Hawkes, Renee Jones, Rosemary McLeod, Warsaw, Sally Bollinger, Sarah Laing, Sarah Lund, Sharon Murdoch, Sophie McMillan, Sophie Oiseau, Stella Corkery, Susan Rugg, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Suzanne Claessen and Zoe Colling. [ed. note: this is an awesome & impressive list!]

Do you have another job outside of comic creation, or any significant hobbies you enjoy?
I write novels and poems and short stories. My kids are a significant hobby.

You can catch Rae at her Comicfest panel at the following time:
Saturday 2nd of May 1 – 2.00pm – Panel: New Zealand Women’s Comics with the editors of Three Words

Rae Joyce's work