iPad vs. paper : win-win

Syndetics book coverIn The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti the books themselves become the craft material – it’s full of projects that require you to gut, slice, fold and glue old books to create a range of adornments, containers and decorative yet functional items. You could choose to make a Bestseller Bookshelf, a Pagework Quilt or a Literary Lamp!  A great way to reincarnate old books that you can pick up cheaply at booksales.

The project that caught my eye was the Kindle Keeper.  I adapted the concept to make it work with my iPad – the perfect combination of my favourite digital device and the aesthetics of a hardback book.

iPad keeperThe first step was rummaging around at the booksale to find a book that was just a bit bigger than the iPad, then I was underway.  Lisa Occhipinti suggests using velcro strips to hold your e-reader inside the recovered bookcover.  I felt this would be a little insecure and instead combined her idea with the classic “book safe” where a cavity is cut into the book block.  I used a craft knife to remove an iPad sized chunk from the middle of the pages …  this takes more time that you might think!  Then I glued the remaining “frame” made of pages together and to the back cover of the book.

perfect fit!
perfect fit!

Now my iPad can nestle safely inside.   I used purple sugar paper to cover the frame made by the cut pages. This looked a lot better than the left over edges of the pages and also disguised where my cutting was less than perfect.

A stripey lining glued into the back of the cavity made a satisfying contrast and I replaced the original cover with a piece of heavy paper in a leaf design.

inside with stripey lining paper
inside with stripey lining paper
new dust jacket
new dust jacket

I really like the way there is still a hint of the old red book that this once was.

I had thought my next project might be transforming a vintage cookbook into a kitchen utensil holder.  Though after seeing the trailer that includes the author making a bookmobile (shown on the book cover above) I might just get the glue out again and try that first …

Do check out her blog for further inspiration.

Kids, paper, glue and paint!

What could go wrong? Normally I am not one for looking at kids craft books. But I was recently dealing with a pile of new books and came across 3 great new kids craft and art books:

Syndetics book coverThe Usborne book of origami and other paper projects / Eileen O’Brien and Kate Needham . This book has great ideas while using simple tools, and yes the paper water bombs work really well, my nephews had a blast with them, and all we used was a pile of coloured paper. Mind you their dad is still in mourning for the back yard.

Big book of papercraft / Fiona Watt ; designed and illustrated by Antonia Miller, Non Figg and Katrina Fearn.
This text is full of fun and challenging things to make and do with paper, from paper crocodiles to 3-D bugs, book covers and embossing. It contains over 45 activities, each accompanied by simple, step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations to make them easy to understand and complete.

365 things to draw and paint / Fiona Watt ; designed and illustrated by Erica Harrison … [et al.].
This book is perfect for the young artist.