Zines come to Arapaki Manners Library

Our CBD branch, Arapaki Manners Library on 12 Manners Street, now has a zine collection! Zines are self-published and independently produced print publications. Zine (pronounced “zeen”) comes from the words “magazine” and “fanzine”. Zines come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be handwritten, or computer-printed, and are made by people of all ages. Zines come bound in different ways: some have bindings like books and even ISBN numbers, whereas others will be stitched or stapled together.

The zines are free to borrow, and are issued for three weeks, just like books! Most of the zines in Arapaki’s collection are brand new, and were acquired at the Wellington Zinefest held in November of last year. Nearly all the zines are written by local New Zealand authors and produced in New Zealand.

Our zines are loosely categorised into 6 topics identified by coloured dots on the covers: Comics are orange; Literature, such as poems and stories are green; Personal zines, about the author and their life, are blue; Art zines featuring drawings, photography, etc, are yellow; DIY zines about how to make or do things are black; and lastly, zines about politics, history, and everything else are white.

We also have zine collections at our Newtown and He Matapihi Molesworth branches. So check them all out and get borrowing today!

New Zines!

After a recent zines processing party meeting (photos to follow!), I have some new favourite zines in our collection:

photo 3Tomoda’s Adventure by Zora Patrick
Manga lovers, get in!! This is a super cute zine all about Tomoda; written entirely in Japanese but with a very handy sheet of English translations.

photo 2Sock Review by Rachel Lynch
Me, as soon as I opened this zine: “This is the best thing ever”.
Me, two seconds later, having read who made this zine: “omg Rachel!!”
Following: hearty group laughter, because Rachel was sitting directly opposite me.
This is exactly what the cover promises: a review of Rachel’s sock collection. Including pros, cons, origin and marks out of ten for each pair as well as adorable illustrations. So whimsical!

photo 1The Doll Haus volume 2 by Rach
This zine made me lol a lot. Features: funny / creepy anecdotes, funny / creepy vintage advertisements and articles as well as some agony aunt stories. I like it a lot.

Spanish zines!! –

We were recently donated a massive pile of zines, so to celebrate (and get them all processed) we had a tea party zine processing meeting.


We got soooo many cool new zines. We have a bunch of new favourites, which we’ll blog about real soon. But for now, I want to show you our brand new Spanish zines:


Thanks to this kind donation from a zine maker in Spain, we have now have some new zines in Español! If you’re a library regular, you’ll know that we have a lot of foreign language books – maybe we could start developing a foreign language zines collection, as well? Come check them out! Viva la library!*

*not accurate Spanish.

More zines to <3

We’ve been so spoilt lately – heeeeaaaps of people have been contributing awesome zines to our collection. It’s been great!! So, without further ado, let me show you some of my faves:

Femineast / Wellington East Girls’ College
Yes, you read right, this zine was produced by Wellington East Girls’ College! This is a fun and introductory-type look at feminism – great for anyone who’s ever been put off / mystified / intrigued by the idea of feminism and wants to know more. And big ups to the girls at Wellington East for producing it!

Central Library /
This zine is full of beautiful photos of our own Central Library (and produced by one of our own beautiful librarians). It’s not all books, either – there are some beautiful and unexpected shots in here, including some ‘behind-the-scenes footage.’

Snorklish: Internet Generation Portraiture / Holly
This zine features portraits of famous women (from Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres to Lorde and The Gilmour Girls) with humourous captions. It definitely has a sassy feminist vibe; love it!

Khartoum Place – an interview with Frisson

How did you get into making zines?
I got into making zines years ago as a way to promote live music shows. I hand-drew the zines on A4 pages, photocopied them (black and white), and folded or cut and stapled them into tiny booklets. Sometimes I also gave them out in little goodie bags at the shows. This time around I got into zine-making for different reasons. I started writing short stories late last year, and after a couple of months went by without anyone publishing them I decided to start publishing them myself! These days I’m still illustrating the zines, but I’m getting them made through Blurb rather than having to do all that photocopying and stapling. Since I released my first zine I have had a story or two published, but I still intend to release a zine every 2 – 3 months, and I’m currently working on the illustrations for my second one.

Can you give us a short bio about you?
I studied creative writing at Victoria University’s Institute of Modern Letters. I love cats and coffee.

We have read the zine Khartoum Place and loved it. In your words could you please explain to us why you decided to make it and publish it?
Thank you! I have discovered that I really enjoy weaving local, historical elements into my stories. Khartoum Place is a dark but loveable little square in Auckland’s CBD. The square’s mural, an admittedly slightly homely but very historically important memorial to women’s suffrage, is constantly under threat from people who think it’s ugly and want to remove it. The idea of an art historian trying to save the mural, her career and her love affair came to me in a flash while I was waiting for someone to turn up to a work meeting one day.

Once it was out there, did you get any unexpected reactions?
I posted it off to what seemed to me to be New Zealand’s major libraries. I didn’t have any idea what to expect. I’m thrilled that the Wellington and Christchurch Libraries have been in touch, but I’m a bit disappointed in Auckland Library. I keep sneaking in to see if I can find it their zine collection, but I haven’t seen it in there so far…

I also started a Facebook page and a website, and I’ve have some really nice comments coming through from those.

You say your zines are a New Years resolution, can you tell us a little bit more about that?
I’d been writing stories for a while and not getting them published, and the news had broken about Sport losing it’s funding, and I literally woke up on New Year’s Day and thought “I’m going to start a new journal!” So I sat down and mapped out my first issue, and it looked great! But then I thought, ‘wait a minute, this is a lot of work on top of a full time job, and I’m putting myself in a curatorial role and not actually doing what I enjoy, which is writing stories and drawing pictures’. So I decided to start a series of zines under the name Frisson.

What’s on your zine to-do list?
I intend to release a new issue every 2 – 3 months. But most importantly I’d like to connect with other zine makers, so I’m looking forward to checking out a Zine Fest or two.

What would you say to other zine makers?
I wasn’t sure how people would react to the fact that I got my zines made through Blurb rather than laboriously hand-crafting each one. That kind of carry-on was fine for me back when I was working part time in vintage stores and playing in bands. Now that I’m a wage slave getting up at 5.30am in the morning in order to find the time to write stories, I highly recommend outsourcing the production side (unless of course that’s your passion).

Do you have any music/zines/blogs recommendations?
Yes, I really like the New Zealand zine review. They’ve introduced me to all sorts of amazing things.

I’ve also found your blog really helpful. My next zine will have an ISBN number!

New Zines I Love

So, do you guys remember the Zine Fest that we were quite fanatical about a couple of months ago? Well, it turned out to be aaaaaaawesome! (not that we were surprised). And we got so, so many new zines. These are some of my faves from our massive haul:

Untitled / Glades
Initially, I fell in love with this zine because it had pink stick-on sparklies on the cover. Swoon!! Fickle, I know, but when I opened the zine, the inside was awesome too!! Basically, it lists all the things that would be possible if you had a fabulous hairstyle. It’s also decorated with black and white photos of glorious vintage hairstyles; do check it out.

3aSleep without Shelter / Sarah McNeil
This is beautifully put together (♥ washi tape) and is full of pen illustrations, along with some lists and general musings.

4aDads on Vacay / Louisa Beatty
The title of this says it all, really! Teeny tiny zine filled with (hilarious) photos of dads on vacay. You’re gonna love it.

1aToys / Holly Leonardson & Sarah McNeil
This zine is so cute, it kills me. The cover has googly eyes and a fluffy nose, to start with!! The inside has fluroscent pink pages with ridiculously cute illustrations (baby deer, cats, dogs, a performing seal and some teddy bears. Cute enough for you?) From a limited edition of 50, this zine is just the dose of whimsy your Monday needs.

5aWhat / Which Item of Food Are You? / Anonymous
This zine asks the question that we have all pondered (or maybe not) – if you were an item of food, what would you be? Pure genius.

Fresh Zine Times

#zinefest Woah, it’s a blog in two halves! At the top is Wellington Zinefest build-up news and a bit further down are some sweet new zines from the zines-stand.

Make Time To Make Zines
Make Time To Make Zines #2:
Friday the 25th October, 6-8pm Matchbox and Wellington Zinefest present an anti-procrastination workshop to get your Zines happening. Read more.

Hand-crafted reviews for your zine-reading pleasure:The Play-Along-Songbook
The Play-Along-Songbook: Number One: Wellington:
“Just like having famous friends this Play-Along-Songbook lets you pretend-jam with very real Wellington musicians. Some of the muso’s on the bill are Seth Frightening, Wet Wings, & party all star Disasteradio. Bop bop diddy bop.” (Staff review)

Headphones With No Music

Headphones With No Music: “Real-life observations from aboard Wellington’s public transport system. Experience the journey and the weirdness. Companion tumblr.” (Staff review)

Hoarding Since The 90'sHoarding Since The 90’s: “A pocket-sized flashback of 90’s pop culture icons. It features bugs bunny doing the splits, and a jigglypuff playing pika-chu boo. Sweet!” (Staff review)



Hey hey!! If you’ve been into central library lately, you may have noticed that our zines have moved – they’re now parked straight in front of the arts, music and literature desk on the first floor!! So we decided it was time to give our display a wee facelift, befitting its sweet new central locale.


We also have some rad new zines:

photo_1Riff Raff no.07, edited by Emily Jane Russell
This zine focuses on supporting and documenting emerging artists in the Waikato.  It is soooo beautifully put together and is full of glorious things – gorgeous pictures and photographs, and this issue also features boutique jewellery, a children’s clothing range and an illustrator, amongst other pretty things. So if you are from the Waikato, or are a crafter, or simply enjoy looking at beautiful, locally-made things – check out this zine!! You will love!

photo_2extra curricular 12, edited by Ellie Smith
The latest edition of extra curricular has just hit my hot little hands and I am in Love!! Yes, with a capital L! Full of the usual extra curricular deliciousness, I recommend you have a (long, slow) read.

Check out the newness!! Also, remember that we accept zine donations. If you have made your own zine and would like to contribute it to the WCL zine collection, drop it off at the arts, music and literature desk at central and we’ll add it to the collection. Promise!

Latest Zines We Love

We have some new zines to share with you! Lovin’ these at the mo:

photo_1.JPGa RIDE Issues 1 – 4 by Word Collective / Outa Here Productions
I encountered Ride for the first time today and it is awesome. Each volume contains a series of sketches of Wellington bus passengers. Along with showing off some serious sketching skill (each drawing must be completed ON THE BUS), it’s also highly entertaining as each volume also includes a snippet of (invariably hilarious) conversation overheard on the bus. A quick read and a recognisable experience for anyone who’s ever been on a Wellington bus.

photo_3.JPGaI Am Very Busy and Important, Issues 1, 2 & 3 by Sophie
This zine is just entertaining. Featuring photographs, interviews, observations, tips, wee stories… entertaining. Read it.



photo_5.JPGaMr Ray’s Grave Thoughts by M Pearson
I love the illustrations in this zine… they kind of remind me of Rug Rats (still a huge fan) and I can totally imagine it as a mini-cartoon all of its own. Mr Ray is also strangely endearing, considering the somewhat grim subject matter. Am hoping there’ll be more to follow this!

photo_2.JPGaNontoxic Housecleaning by Raleigh Briggs
As you may remember, I really love practical zines that help you get stuff done!! This zine is all about making your own products for cleaning the house… genius!! As a natural and cheap alternative to buying commerical products, I’ll def be trying some of these out.

photo_4.JPGaHeartbroken and Horny 1 by Zo Watt
This zine is the diary of a relationship break-up… gritty in some parts and hilarious in others, I think most people will relate to at least one conversation relayed in this zine.