Liveable style: new interior design books

These new release non-fiction titles are vibrant and picturesque showcases of homes around the globe, displaying the best of the best in the interior design world. See what helpful how-to’s, design formulas, and tips from industry pro’s you can adopt and bring into your own home, to elevate your day-to-day spaces. Whether for you that’s a pared-back minimalist approach, or a kaleidoscopic maximalist statement, find an interior design style that works for how you live. Are you a form over function advocate? Do you want to emulate European trends? Or simply bring a more relaxed, coastal vibe to your home? Set up your interiors to reflect and complement you and your whānau’s unique needs and ways of living. These books illustrate an unbeatable mix of colour, form, trend and practicality, that can inspire you to take a fresh approach to styling your home.

Home with Rue : style for everyone / Lamb, Kelli
Home with Rue is a compendium of inspirational and accessible ideas to help anyone imagine, plan, and create their ultimate living space. Full of beautiful images of real homes lived in by real people, it features thoughtfully curated advice and how-to’s. Woven throughout are expert insights, concise tips and tricks sharing why certain decorating methods work, and quotes from top designers on their creative processes and favorite details or memories of a space.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Style : the art of creating a beautiful home / Walton, Natalie
“At once beautiful and practical, this book demystifies the creative process of styling so that you can transform your own home with confidence using what you own and love. Learn how to cultivate and express you own personal style, and allow interior designer and stylist Natalie Walton to guide you through the art and science of styling, providing expert insights and teaching you how to create inspiring, welcoming and authentic interiors.” (Adapted from Catalogue

Modish : the book of great design / Buckley, Beth Benton
“Modish features gorgeous spaces designed by the most sought-after interior designers from North America. This book capture’s each designer’s unique sensibility through breathtaking photography. With a picture being worth a thousand words, this photo-driven book speaks volumes and will inspire you.” (Catalogue)

Lifestyles today : interior design around the world / Uffelen, Chris van
“The most diverse lifestyles are reflected in the way a person designs their home. Architects and interior designers have to get involved with the individual character of their clients, to understand how they want to live and to implement this in the room concepts and designs. This book celebrates life in all its diversity through magnificent interiors.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Nomad at home : designing the home more traveled / Robertson, Hilary
Nomad at Home dissects the design-led traveler’s desire to wander the globe. Those for whom ‘it is a better thing to travel hopefully than to arrive’. Offering inspiration from homes all over the globe, Nomad at Home contains champion shopper Hilary’s nomadic sourcebook, which allows readers to hit the ground shopping in destinations all over the world, with an address book for every country covered, every story told.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Vibrant interiors : living large at home / Schumacher, Andrea Monath
“Inviting, imaginative homes that draw the viewer in and ignite the desire to see more, ultimately revealing the creativity and skill in the personality-filled interiors. Regardless of location or style, these homes are layered with a well-balanced mix of complexity and simplicity; sophisticated yet playful; layered but minimal. Vibrant Interiors explores the creativity and sensibility used to transform interior spaces into something unique.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

At home on the water / Conry, Jaci
“The idea of a retreat–a place removed from one’s daily stressors, an escape in a serene natural setting, a secluded haven to be enjoyed by family, is more appealing than it has been in decades. Over time, homes on the water have been coveted and cherished for their particular restorative qualities. At Home on the Water offers history on coastal living, the design of the homes and the way the homeowners who live in them, embellished by interviews with  designers, and architects.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

At home with art : a beginner’s guide to collecting on any budget / De Fayet, Olivia
“A beginner’s guide on how to start your own art collection on any budget-to create a unique home that reflects your individual style.” (Catalogue)

Homes for families : stylish living for kids and parents / Vandewalle, Joni
“More than 200 pages of interior design tips on how to create a stylish, warm and happy family home for young parents and parents to be.” (Catalogue)

Unique Perspectives: New Photography Books

Intimate portraits, engrossing landscapes and captivating artistry; these new release photography books cover a wide array of subjects with precision, skillful techniques and an aesthetic eye for detail. For some serene beauty dive into the nature photography titles, where artists have captured the limitless beauty of Earth and all its creatures. Then be taken aback by the documentarians perspectives of how the Covid-19 pandemic evolved and caused chaos around the globe. Enjoy the visual journey these photographers have created of the ordinary – yet utterly extraordinary – world around us.

Nature boy : the photography of Olaf Petersen / Petersen, Olaf
“Olaf Petersen is one of New Zealand’s finest nature photographers, documenting our country’s landscape and its people. Nature Boy features 60 extraordinary images; from the birds, sea, trees and wind-rippled sand on Auckland’s west coast beaches, to the flora and fauna from the far north to Stewart Island.” (Catalogue)


Art in motion : riding the Paris metro / Pigeat, Anaël
“A rich history and moving look at the accessible, immersive art embedded in the Paris subway system. The walls of the Paris Métro, adorned with works by French and foreign artists, have punctuated the underground travels of Parisians and tourists for over a century. With a contemporary perspective by photographer Philippe Garcia, the book captures the works in their environment and shows us how each creation carries its own relationship to the underground.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

How to photograph people / Fordham, Demetrius
“Portraiture is one of the most popular genres in photography, but it can also be one of the most daunting to undertake, especially when you’re just starting out. In this comprehensive guide, Demetrius Fordham shares his real-life experiences to impart the tips, tricks and knowledge that will let you take your own amazing images of people.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


Wildlife photographer of the year. Portfolio 31
“This commemorative portfolio displays the full gallery of all 100 pictures awarded in the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. It also tells the stories of how they were created and what they reveal about the subjects depicted. Representing the work of photographers from 30 countries, they illustrate both the beauty and the drama of the natural world and our so-often conflicted relationship with it.” (Catalogue)

The year that changed our world : with 417 photographs
“With more than 400 photographs, this ambitious publication traces the arc of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Active in more than 150 countries, the photographers of Agence France Presse have captured all angles of the Covid-19 story. A definitive visual document of humankind’s resilience in the face of the pandemic and the perfect way of understanding the world during the time of Covid-19.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


Bliss : beaches / Kaplan, Randall
“Soak up the serene beauty and magnificent diversity of the world’s beaches through the inspiring photography of Randall Kaplan. Bursting with color and striking perspectives, this essential collection will bring readers a newfound appreciation for the awe-inspiring landscapes. ” (Adapted from Catalogue)

New interiors books to reinvigorate your home

Spend these chilly winter days envisioning ways you can transform your interior space, to become its most eco-friendly, comforting and beautiful this winter. These new release non-fiction books are centered around how you can alter your interior world to reflect your personality, by embracing a healthy mix of creativity and design, that maintains a sustainable sensitivity.

Find artistic inspiration in Sarah Andrews’s aesthetic wonderland Principles of Style, that has reached cult-status around the world following the success of her iconic, unpretentious Tasmanian cabin Captain’s Rest. Andrews’s unconventional, raw and honest personal journey is expressed in her unique interiors styling, and has been adapted into an approachable and practical guide, that can be applied to any space for a deeply personal outcome. Then, delve deeper into the creative approach in The Life Eclectic and The New Naturalists, that showcase a wide array of eclectic artists homes from around the globe. 

Experience the breath of fresh air that is Probably This Housewarming. A new release that humorously fills the rarely accommodated space of interior improvements for rental homes. You’ll find fun and easy temporary alterations, DIY’s and entertaining tips in this inclusive, enthusiastic and realistic rental home improvement guide. And explore the multiple new titles featuring sustainable homes, that will help you embrace greener ways of living, decorating and designing your interior space, to foster an eco-conscious spirit at home. These visually exciting and informative new releases will fulfill all your interior design needs, and help you revitalise your love for your own home.

Principles of style / Andrews, Sarah
Principles of Style aims to be a timeless learning tool for readers, no matter their own personal style. Andrews examines some of her key projects and favourite rooms, as well as by focusing on her ten rules of styling, formulated both through hands-on experience and studies in the science of design. Andrews believes that everyone has the ability to create interiors that are right for them; in this inspiring and eminently practical book, she aims to demonstrate just how to do so.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The life eclectic / Breeze, Alexander
“Featuring homes of the world’s most well-respected creatives, The Life Eclectic is a celebration of individuality, and embracing the joy that fluidity in taste can bring. Ever wondered how you might be able to recreate the eclectic, joyful and chic style of famed designers? The Life Eclectic is an interiors book that shows how highly regarded designers, artists, film directors and musicians curate their treasured (and varied) possessions to glorious effect.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Wonderland : adventures in decorating / Thornton, Summer
“Interior decorator Summer Thornton believes in designing with the wildest abandon: her world is one of nickel tubs, marble fireplaces, whimsical textiles, surprising patterns, and secret gardens. Often described as maximalist with a modern, fresh sensibility, Thornton manages to achieve highly polished, sophisticated interiors that indulge in a lighthearted, almost irreverent sense of whimsy. In her first book, she inspires readers to follow their creative impulses and make their own rules.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The new naturalists : inside the homes of creative collectors : with over 300 illustrations / Bingham, Claire
“Collectors open their homes to reveal the weird and wonderful world of natural objects. This new generation of naturalists use their collections to craft creative careers and decorate their homes, providing a wealth of inspiration for celebrating the beauty of the world around us more sustainably. From cabinets of curiosity to foraged decorations, these obsessive and eclectic creatives reveal the stories behind their collections and how they celebrate their love of nature in their everyday spaces.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Housewarming : a guide to creating a home you adore / Ciolino, Beau
“A no-nonsense, comprehensive guide to living comfortably and beautifully on the cheap by and for millennials. This fun guide shows you how to live your best, fullest, most beautiful life while dealing with all of the limitations that come with renting, working full-time, and having little-to-no disposable income. Organized into three sections–Design, DIY, and Entertain– the guide is all about embracing your true self in your home design, to create a space that reflects your personality and fits your individual needs.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Green living : a sustainable guide to a more intentional life / Chillingsworth, Jen
“This book is a collection of changes you can make to your home and lifestyle over the course of a year. Jen Chillingsworth offers up achievable advice and tips for anyone and everyone, no matter where you live or what job you do. From making your own cleaning products, soy candles, buying vintage, giving up plastic to celebrating simply – discover how to get the most out of living a more modest, meaningful life. Learn to live and enjoy the little things.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Embracing natural design : inspired living / Gonzalez, Stephanie Kienle
“Through beautifully photographed residences, which have an exquisite layering of classic and modern furnishings, Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez discusses how to bring sustainable elements into your living space. She employs organic forms, stone and wood pieces, and natural weaves with texture, such as seagrass, caning, bamboo, and rattan. Full of design and entertaining ideas, Embracing Natural Design is for those who are interested in achieving an environmentally conscious lifestyle.” (Adapted from Catalogue)