Creative Maker Inspirations: New Crafts and Hobbies Books

This festive season of gift-giving can be a daunting task. Discover the inner crafter in you and check out this month’s crafts and hobbies books to kick off your creative process and explore new possibilities. After all, what other gift could be more thoughtful than something special made with your own hands?

This December offering includes ideas on modern block printing, a feminist embroidery guide, unique “refashioning” projects, crochet patterns for dolls and other elements inspired by nature, just to name a few. The various projects are accessible to all crafters regardless of skill level. From moulding simple scented candles for keen beginners to finishing a crocheted festive tree for experienced makers who want to go a notch higher with the difficulty level, anyone can find inspiration to create a special gift and share the love. Turn your creativity into an infinite deposit of ideas with the help of beautiful photographs, guides to tools and materials, and easy-to-follow instructions and pattern guides. Even if you are a crafter on a budget, there is something to make for your tribe!

Serena sews : how to make beautiful, interchangeable, sustainable and unique clothes / Baker, Serena
“Forget fast fashion and cheap trends, Serena Baker is here to help you craft the sustainable wardrobe of your dreams! In 2021, Serena Baker became the youngest ever and first Scottish winner of The Great British Sewing Bee. She thrilled the judges with her incredible attention to detail and wowed viewers with her distinctive ‘refashioning projects’, putting sustainability at the heart of her creations. Whether you’re brand new to sewing or already know the ropes but fancy trying something a little different, Serena will take you on a journey to reinvent your wardrobe. ” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Sisters gonna stitch : a feminist embroidery guide
“A fabulous collection of funny, sassy, uplifting embroidery patterns for the modern-day stitcher. Be inspired to kickstart your crafting journey with 50 gorgeous designs, as well as hints and tips from the experts at Cotton Clara. Each pattern features an empowering, inspirational message that will speak to a new wave of embroiderers looking to add a fun, feminist slant to their artwork.” (Catalogue)

Crochet with flowers and plants : 35 beautiful patterns inspired by nature and the seasons / Eastwood, Kate
“Kate Eastwood is known and loved for her wreaths and garlands covered in crocheted decorations, and her exquisite attention to detail in everything she makes. Crochet with Flowers and Plants brings together her love of nature and the seasons with her eye for color and style. These 35 different patterns for blankets and pillows, home décor, table decorations, and wreaths and garlands all feature flower, leaf, or plant motifs, and in a few cases they actually recreate the whole plant!” — Publisher.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Modern block printing : over 15 projects designed to be printed by hand / Sivyer, Rowan
“Modern Block Printing explores the ancient craft of printing by hand, through contemporary and simple designs. Rowan Sivyer demonstrates the versatility of this beautiful medium through 15 easy projects: from greeting cards to printing on fabric and clay, to ideas for making homewares such as cushions and lampshades and even making your own unique Christmas ornaments and gift wrap. She is often inspired by nature, particularly in her homelands of New Zealand and Australia. Modern Block Printing showcases these influences through Rowan’s use of pattern and colour, before teaching readers how to transform their prints into beautiful objects to gift or decorate the home with. ” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Crochet you! : crochet patterns for dolls, clothes and accessories as unique as you are / Amiel, Nathalie
“Create unique dolls for loved ones with this collection of crochet patterns for all. Learn how to adapt the basic pattern by changing the shape, colour and hair style of your doll, and by adding details such as scars and vitiligo. Then mix and match the selection of outfits and medical aids to make the perfect doll for you. There are step-by-step instructions for a range of clothes, shoes and accessories including feeding tubes, orthosis, a hearing aid and glasses, as well as a wheelchair and an assistance dog – nobody is left out.” — Back cover.” (Catalogue)

Blazed wax : creating sculptural candles for any space / Kannava, Ruby
“Blazed Wax is a comprehensive and colourful guide to contemporary candle making from friends and designers Ruby Kannava and Emma Cutri, with twenty-five projects for beautiful candles and candleholders that will light up your life. This book brings together everything you need to start making your own sculptural candles at home – from mould-making using everyday items like fruit and vases, to dip-dyed candle-pouring, or even making fun twisted candles from supermarket candles.” (Adapted from Catalogue)