Forever Strong – New Health Books in the Collection

January is that time of year so many of us are feeling a bit run down and worn out, so it’s a good time to investigate what new health books we have in the collection.  A broad selection of titles from birth and midwifery through changing bodies, healthy eating, exercise, ageing and even death.  We’ve curated a selection for you here.

Forever strong : a new, science-based strategy for aging well / Lyon, Gabrielle
” After years of watching patients cycle through her practice, Dr Gabrielle Lyon noticed a pattern. While her patients struggled with a wide range of conditions, they all suffered from the same core problem: they had too little muscle rather than too much fat. When we think about muscle, we tend to think about strength or aesthetics, but in reality, muscle accounts for so much more than that. As the body’s largest endocrine organ, muscle actually determines everything about the trajectory of health and aging. Now, Dr Lyon offers an easy-to-follow food, fitness, and self-care program anchored in evidence and pioneering research that teaches you how to optimize muscle-no matter your age or health background.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Breaking through depression : new treatments and discoveries for healing / Gold, Philip W.
“Since he first developed the idea that depression is a stress response gone awry, Philip Gold has spent decades researching what this means for our whole bodies, not just our brains. In this book, he reveals the latest research on how depression affects every aspect of our health – from the chemical messengers that control sleep and appetite to the brain’s structure and functionality. Timely, urgent and important, Breaking Through Depression articulates the workings of this misunderstood illness in compelling and often surprising detail, introducing the newest innovations in treatment that offer hope for healing.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Veg-table : recipes, techniques + plant science for big-flavored, vegetable-focused meals / Sharma, Nik
“Nik Sharma, blogger at A Brown Table, Serious Eats columnist, and bestselling cookbook author, brings us his most cookable collection of recipes yet in Veg-table. Here is a technique-focused repertoire for weeknight mains for cooks of all skill levels looking to add more delicious and satisfying vegetable dishes to their diet. Featuring more than 100 of Sharma’s gorgeous and evocative photographs, as well as instructive illustrations, this cookbook perfectly balances beauty, intellect, and delicious, achievable recipes.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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