New Chinese Corner at the Central Library

Discover a rich and colourful collection of Chinese Language teaching books at the Wellington Central Library. Look at different ways of learning Chinese with the help of the new teaching resources found in the Chinese Corner and explore the plethora of new books, DVDs and CDs.
The launch of the donated new Chinese Collection was hosted at the Central library last Monday, by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, the Chinese Ambassador Wang Lutong, the Director of the Confucius Institute and invited guests.
Find out more about the Chinese language, history and culture and make the most out of the easily accessible teaching resources available to borrow for free at the new Chinese Corner. You are all welcome to visit!
Chinese Corner
Ba xian guo hai xue han yu. v.1A [electronic resource] = Chinese your way / chu pin ren: Mei guo Mixigen zhou li da xue Kongzi xue yuan ; chuang yi: Zhao Yong ; bian xie: Cao Xiaoyan , Wang Ji, Li Fujia deng.
Learn Chinese through stories or ‘travel logs’ recorded by several American high school students’ while traveling in China. Learners can choose to browse the stories or to use interactive features to learn words, grammar, communicative usages and other cultural information related to the stories.

Ti yan Han yu. Xie zuo jiao cheng = Experiencing Chinese. [Writing course] / zhu bian Chen Zuohong deng [et al.].

Chinese for children. 1 / Multimedia Press China Central Radio & TV University ; ChinaSprout.
Chinese lessons for children in the form of a story that can be used in a home or classroom setting. Learn to recognize and write common characters, as well as match them with Pinyin and English.

Common knowledge about Chinese culture = Zhongguo wen hua chang shi / The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Overseas Exchanges Association.

Five thousand years of Chinese characters [videorecording] / chief producer, Xu Lin ; produced by the Office of the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) / Confucius Institute Headquarters, Beijing.
Introduces the evolvement of Chinese characters and demonstrates the impact Chinese characters have exerted on the enduring unification of China, and on the passing on of Chinese culture. Serving as comparisons, the evolution of other languages is also discussed during the narration of the history of Chinese characters.

Learn Chinese with eBooks and eAudio Books

If you are learning to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, or starting to write Chinese characters, you can find help in these free ebooks.

Overdrive cover Mandarin, by Wei Jin (Audiobook)
“The audio course guides learners through a series of 12 short units. Each unit introduces around 5 new key words or phrases before expanding on the basic vocabulary with practice activities, memory tips and culture and etiquette advice. An accompanying 48-page colour booklet provides full transcripts of the conversations as well as helpful hints to guide the user through their learning experience. Unit 1: Greetings Unit 2: Attracting Attention Unit 3: Exchanging Courtesies Unit 4: Asking Questions Unit 5: Where are you from? Unit 6: Going Places Unit 7: Asking Directions Unit 8: Where can we eat? Unit 9: Getting Transport Unit 10: Ordering a drink Unit 11: Asking for a room Unit 12: All about food!” (Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Dr. Blair’s Chinese In No Time, by Dr. Robert Blair (Audiobook)
“Does the idea of rote memorization and grammar drills bore you? DR. BLAIR’S Chinese (Mandarin) IN NO TIME will teach you how to speak a new language in no time, at the best prices around.” (Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Traveltalk® Chinese Cantonese, by Penton Overseas, Inc. (Audiobook)
“TravelTalk presents a simplified language survival system for travelers. Includes audio in both English & target language to help ensure that travelers will arrive and survive and enjoy communicating with native speakers.” (Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Mandarin, by HarperCollins Publishers (Audiobook)
“Pick up the essentials of the Mandarin language with this easy-to-use audio introduction. Covering everything from finding your way to talking about yourself, this Collins 40-minute audio can help you learn short and simple phrases quickly by just listening and repeating. This audio lesson is also designed to compliment the Collins Gem Mandarin Phrasebook for an indispensable language guide.” (Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Essential Chinese, by Philip Yungkin Lee (eBook)
“A concise Mandarin Chinese phrase book and guide to Chinese language, Essential Chinese contains basic vocabulary necessary for communicating in Mandarin Chinese.” (Abridged from Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Instant Chinese, by Boyé Lafayette De Mente (eBook)
“It’s amazing how 100 key words and phrases provide instant communication!D o you want to speak simple Mandarin Chinese but are too busy to study it? Are you visiting China for a short time and want a Mandarin phrase book to help you communicate? If so, this is the book for you. It includes all the essential content necessary to speak basic Mandarin. The idea of Instant Chinese is simple—learn 100 words and phrases and say 1,000 things… A brief guide to pronunciation allows the user to say the phrases correctly.” (Abridged Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover My First Book of Chinese Words, by Faye-Lynn Wu (eBook)
“”Z is for zàijiàn. “Goodbye!” we say—more good times together when we meet another day.” My First Book of Chinese Words introduces Chinese language to preschool children in a gentle, playful way. The ABC structure provides a familiar framework that encourages fun and easy learning. The everyday words presented in this book include many that have special significance in Chinese culture. Each word is presented in Chinese characters (both Simplified and Traditional) as well as in Romanized form (Pinyin). Cultural and linguistic notes enhance the learning experience. And kids will love the wonderful Chinese family, beautifully illustrated in gentle colours, who will take them from page to page!” (Overdrive description)

Overdrive cover Chinese Folklore Tales, by J. Macgowan (eBook)
“A fantastic collection of eleven traditional folklore tales from ancient China.” (Overdrive description)