Korean collection @ Central


The Korean collection, kindly donated by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Wellington, has an excellent range of books on Korean language and culture at the Central library.

Syndetics book coverKijŏk ŭl irun nara, kippŭm ŭl irŭn nara = Korea, the impossible country, by Taniel T’yudŏ chiŭm ; No Chŏng-t’ae omgim.
Details South Korea’s amazing rise from the ashes: the inside story of an economic, political, and cultural phenomenon. Includes interviews with many of the people of modern South Korea including: Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, Shin Joong-hyun, the ‘Godfather of Korean Rock’, Soyeon Yi, Korea’s first astronaut and Hong Myung-bo, captain of Korea’s 2002 FIFA World Cup team. Tudor examines Korea’s cultural foundations, and the Korean character while touching on diverse topics such as shamanism, North Korea, or myths about doing business in Korea.

Syndetics book coverEssential Korean : speak Korean with confidence, compiled by Soyeung Koh & Gene Baik.
Designed as a portable guide for business people or tourist traveling to Korea, this has a “point to” feature which allows you to simply point to a Korean phrase without knowing any Korean. The sentences are practical for everyday use, with over 2000 terms and expressions, plus Korean grammar tips and pronunciation. It also includes modern vocab such as for smart phones, or social media. This assumes you haven’t got time to attend a course, but will set you well on your way to get the most of your time when interacting with Koreans.

Syndetics book coverKorean through English. Book 1, by Sang-Oak Lee et al..
The top guideline of this excellent introduction for those learning Korean is that it had to be easy! Another key benefit of this course is that it introduces important aspects of Korean culture, and is suitable for self-study rather than a classroom environment. Revised edition of an earlier edition under the same title.