Imparare l’inglese sarà facilissimo con Mango Languages

Parli italiano? Sei appena arrivato a Wellington e vuoi imparare l’inglese senza spendere troppo? Puoi farlo gratis con la tessera delle biblioteche pubbliche di Wellington e il nostro nuovo programma Mango Languages. Imparare l’inglese sarà facilissimo grazie al nostro metodo intuitivo con spiegazioni in italiano. Guarda il video qui sotto per saperne di più.

Do you know an Italian speaker who’d like to learn English without spending much money? Let them know about our Mango Languages database which will allow them to practise English in an intuitive manner, at their own pace. Instructions are in Italian and they can even record their own voice and compare it to a native speaker. Also it’s free with a Wellington City Libraries membership card! Give them the link to the video below for more details.