2012 Eisner Award Winners

The winners of the 2012 Eisner Awards have been announced. These annual awards are given for 49 categories, from Best Writer to Best Publication Design, and include Best Webcomic, Best Cover Artist and Best New series. The Eisner Awards were established in 1988, and are named after the late writer and artist Will Eisner.

Syndetics book cover Syndetics book cover Best Artist/Writer was awarded to Craig Thompson for his graphic novel Habibi.
Best Limited Series was awarded to the graphic novel, Criminal: the Last of the Innocent.
Best Reality-Based Work was awarded to Green River Killer: A True Detective Story.
Mark Waid was awarded the Best Writer, Best Continuing Series and Best Single Issue for Irredeemable, Incorruptible (Boom) and Daredevil respectively.

Harry Harrison (1925-2012)

Syndetics book coverThe American science fiction writer Harry Harrison has died aged 87. A prolific writer, he began his literary career writing for American comics and Science Fiction Magazines. His first novel Deathworld was published in 1960, 58 novels were to follow, also 9 collections of short stories, plus novellas, and non-fiction works. He edited numerous Science Fiction anthologies, many with fellow writer Brian Aldiss. His most well know novels were, The Stainless Steel Rat, Bill, the Galactic Hero and Deathworld, all series. All these novels are satirical and witty. Harry Harrison, was a dedicated advocate for the international language Esperanto, and includes some in his early novels. His last novel titled, The Stainless Steel Rat Returns was published in 2010.

2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards Winners

The 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards winners have been announced.

Fiction winners included…

Syndetics book coverThe winner of the Fiction Category Award and $10,000 went to Paula Morris for her novel Rangatira, a brilliantly researched novel based on her own ancestor Paratene Te Manu’s visit to England in 1863. Paula Morris is a much accomplished writer; her work includes three other adult novels, two young adult novels and a collection of short stories.

Syndetics book coverThe People’s Choice Award and $5,000 went to Sue Orr for her collection of short stories titled, From Under the Overcoat This is her second published collection of short stories; the first, Etiquette for a dinner party, was published in 2008.

Non-fiction winners included…

Syndetics book coverNew Zealand’s native trees / John Dawson & Rob Lucas with Jane Connor ; contributions by Patrick Brownsey … [et al.].
“New Zealand’s native trees are truly remarkable. From the massive kauri-the third-largest tree in the world-the showy pohutukawa and rata, and the ubiquitous cabbage tree to rare and endangered species found only on offshore islands, our glorious and diverse trees deserve to be recognised, understood and celebrated. New Zealand’s Native Trees is a landmark book that describes and generously illustrates more than 250 species. Beginning with the magnificent conifers and iconic tree ferns, and giving full treatment to the numerous flowering species, including the distinctive southern beeches, the often-overlooked coprosmas and the curious tree daisies, this book is no once-over-lightly.” (Global Books)

Syndetics book coverTupaia : the remarkable story of Captain Cook’s Polynesian navigator / Joan Druett.
“Tupaia, lauded by Europeans as ‘an extraordinary genius’, sailed with Captain Cook from Tahiti, piloted the Endeavour about the South Pacific, and interceded with Maori in NZ. Tupaia, a gifted linguist, a brilliant orator, and a most devious politician, could aptly be called the Machiavelli of Tahiti. Being highly skilled in astronomy, navigation, and meteorology, and an expert in the geography of the Pacific, he was able to name directional stars and predict landfalls and weather throughout the voyage from Tahiti to Java. Though he had no previous knowledge of writing or mapmaking, Tupaia drew a chart of the Pacific that encompassed every major group in Polynesia and extended more than 4,000 kilometres from the Marquesas to Rotuma and Fiji. He was also the ship’s translator, able to communicate with all the Polynesian people they met.” (Global Books)

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

Syndetics book coverGore Vidal, the American writer has died aged 86 years. A prolific writer, social and political commentator, he published his first novel titled Williwaw in 1946. Twenty-four novels followed, these included a series of American historical fiction. He was also an accomplished journalist, screenwriter and playwright, but was best known for his numerous essays. His last published fiction was a collection of short stories titled Clouds and Eclipses; this was a republication of a 1956 collection titled A Thirsty Evil, with one new story added.

I.M.P.A.C. Dublin Award winner announced

The winner of one of the major annual literary prizes, the International I.M.P.A.C. Dublin Literary Award for 2012, was announced recently. It was awarded to British author Jon McGregor for his novel, Even the Dogs.

Syndetics book coverAn experimental novel detailing the havoc of drug addiction, the distress and the disregard of the wider world this causes, it was selected from a shortlist of ten novels. Libraries around the world nominate the contenders for the award, with the winner being nominated by Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow.
Even the Dogs is Jon McGregor’s third novel, his first, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things, published in 2002, was nominated for the Mann Booker Prize, and went on to win The Betty Trask Prize and the Somerset Maugham award.

Dame Fiona Kidman to talk at the Central Library!

Syndetics book coverDame Fiona Kidman — author of 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards fiction finalist The trouble with fire is set to talk next Saturday June 30th (afterhours!) at the Central Library, from 5.30 – 7.30 pm.

The Trouble With Fire was reviewed last year on National Radio — have a listen below!

The Trouble With Fire has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award (in 2012).

Register for our Fiction Grab!Dame Fiona is appearing as part of our Fiction Grab event — and as well as a wonderful talk to look forward to, if you come along to this event you’ll also have the opportunity to snap up a selection of brand new fiction before it makes its way out to our shelves, as well as a chance to take a tour behind the scenes of the library. Light refreshments will be provided.

Registration is essential for this event — places are limited — so head over to our Registration Form and sign up now!

Fiction Genres: all you need to know

Did you know we add genre subject headings to the catalogue record of every new fiction item we receive? These genre subject headings are searchable — so if you enjoy one title in a genre, you can quickly find other titles in the same genre.

Listed below you’ll find all the subject headings/fiction genres we add — and we’ve also listed an example of an author for each one. Enjoy!

  1. Salt / Maurice GeeNew Zealand writers. Try Maurice Gee
  2. Maori writers. Try Patricia Grace
  3. Pacific Island writers. Try Celestine Hitiura Vaite
  4. Ethnic writers. Try Maaza Mengiste
  5. Indigenous peoples. Try Linda Hogan
  6. Family life and relationships. Try Rosamunde Pilcher
  7. Friendships. Try Nicola Moriarty
  8. Self discovery & fulfilment. Try Lauren Groff
  9. Gulf breeze / Gerri HillLesbian novels. Try Gerri Hill
  10. Gay novels. Try Greg Herren
  11. Women’s/Feminist. Try Marilyn French
  12. Generation X novels. Try Douglas Coupland
  13. Futuristic novels. Try Kevin Barry
  14. Modern urban suspense. Try Cory Doctorow
  15. Prize and award winners. Try Julian Barnes
  16. Classic novels. Try Charles Dickens
  17. Literary novels. Try Tom McCarthy
  18. Translated novels. Try Hans Koppel
  19. The night circus / Erin MorgensternDebut novelists. Try Erin Morgenstern
  20. Short story collections.
  21. Short stories – by one author. Try Tessa Hadley
  22. Science fiction and fantasy. Try Terry Pratchett
  23. Horror/ghosts/vampires. Try Dean Koontz
  24. Supernatural/Gothic. Try Kim Harrison
  25. Myths and folklore. Try Sam Meekings
  26. Murder mysteries. Try Agatha Christie
  27. Women detective writers (Feminist). Try Joyce Holms
  28. Suspense/thrillers. Try John Grisham
  29. Final detail / Harlan CobenPsychological thrillers. Try Harlan Coben
  30. Spy/Espionage. Try Daniel Silva
  31. Adventure stories. Try Clive Cussler
  32. Glamour and glitz. Try Penny Vincenzi
  33. War stories. Try Chris Ryan
  34. Sea Stories. Try Dewey Lambdin
  35. Westerns. Try J. T. Edson
  36. Historical romances. Try Mary Balogh
  37. Romances. Try Susan Lewis
  38. Romantic suspense. Try Linda Howard
  39. Historical novels. Try Conn Iggulden
  40. Animal stories. Try Spencer Quinn
  41. Double whammy / Carl HiaasenHumour/satire/black comedy. Try Carl Hiaasen
  42. Chick lit. Try Marian Keyes
  43. Lad’s lit. Try Mike Gayle
  44. Religious novels. Try Karen Kingsbury

The great Ray Bradbury has died

Syndetics book coverThe American science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery writer, Ray Bradbury has died aged 91. He was born in Illinois in 1921. His first major works, The Martian Chronicles, were published in the 1950s. He continued his distinguished writing career, with another 26 published novels, and over 600 short stories. He also wrote for television, with some of his stories being adapted for programmes such as The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. His best known novels were also adapted to film. Fahrenheit 451 (published in 1954) was adapted to film in 1966, The Illustrated Man, three short stories, was adapted in 1969, and the horror novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes (published in 1969) was released as a movie in 1983.

Madeline Miller wins the Orange Prize for Fiction 2012

Syndetics book coverAmerican writer Madeline Miller has won the Orange Prize for Fiction 2012 with her novel, The Song of Achilles.Taking her ten years to write, this is a retelling of the Iliad and events leading up to it through the point of view of Patroclus, who becomes the much loved friend of Achilles, whom he accompanies to war in Troy. This — her debut novel — has earned Madeline Miller the prize of £30,000 and was chosen by the judges from a shortlist of five other novels. This will be the last year of the Orange Prize as sponsorship by the Orange group has ceased. Being a prize for only female writers, it is hoped sponsorship will be taken up by another international corporation.

Attention all aspiring Romance writers

The Sandra Hyde Romance Writers Trust is offering a scholarship to the Romance Writers of NZ annual conference, Love is in the Air, August 24-26 in Auckland.

The Prize:

RWNZ Conference fees (Friday Workshop and Weekend Conference, including cocktail party). If the winner is not currently a member of RWNZ, their prize will include a one-year membership subscription, since only members can attend the Weekend Conference. Value = $420 ($470 for non-members) PLUS $150 contribution toward expenses.
Who can enter: Any New Zealand-based writer of romantic fiction (published or unpublished).
Full information can be found at Romance Writers of New Zealand.