Libby available in Chinese : 中文版的Libby

It is now possible to use OverDrive’s award-winning app, Libby, in Simplified and in Traditional Chinese. If you already use Simplified or Traditional Chinese with your device, Libby will automatically browse, search and display account information in that language now. By changing the default language on your device within the settings, you can then view Libby in your newly chosen language.
现在可以用简体或者繁体中文来使用Overdrive获奖的 app Libby了。 如果您的设备本来就使用简体或者繁体中文的话,Libby会自动使用该语言进行浏览, 搜索或者显示您的账户信息。通过在设置里修改默认语言, 您就可以在Libby上使用所选择的语言。

We also have an eBook collection in Chinese on the OverDrive platform. To access the collection in your browser, go to our Overdrive website (this is a slightly different, alternate option for accessing the Overdrive platform — an alternative to the Libby website). Under the menu across the top left click on ‘Collections’, and then on ‘Chinese’ under ‘Special’. You should end up here Chinese Collection on Overdrive . The same collection is available on the Libby app. To find it on Libby, click on ‘Library’, and then click on ‘Explore’ — it is listed under ‘Guide: Chinese’.
在 Overdrive 平台上,我们也有中文电子书。您可以使用浏览器在 获取, 在菜单的左上方点击Collections 然后在“Special”下面点击“Chinese” ,您会看到 这个页面。Libby 上也有同样的书集。 途径是:点击“Library”, 然后点击“Explore”, 然后在“Guide: Chinese” 里面就能找到。

You can also read the OverDrive site in Simplified Chinese. Across the very top right of the page there is an arrow next to ‘English’. Click this to change the browsing language to Simplified Chinese.
您也可以在 Overdrive页面里用简体中文阅读。 在页面的最右上方,有一个箭头就在“English” 旁边, 点击该箭头把浏览语言改成简体中文即可。

Finding World Languages

The Central Library was the main home of Wellington City Library’s adult World Languages Collection. So where can you find our collections of books in other languages for adult readers now that Central is closed? Below are a list of languages and the branches they can be found at. Enjoy!


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Kilbirnie branch


Lao Zhong yi / Gao, Mantang Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Karori and Newtown branches, as well as our newly opened branch, Johnsonville Library at Waitohi.

We also have eBooks and eAudiobooks in Chinese available to borrow from anywhere through the Overdrive service. You can read them online through our website, or on your device through the Libby app. All you need to login is your library card number, and your 4 digit PIN.

Chinese eBooks & eAudiobooks


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Kilbirnie branch.


Amma. / Shinghal, RajjanBoth fiction and non-fiction is available at our Kilbirnie branch. Our newly opened branch, Johnsonville Library at Waitohi, has a collection in Hindi as well. Johnsonville also has the magazine, Grishobha, which is free to borrow for one week. Karori, Miramar, and Newtown branches also have this magazine.


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Newtown branch.


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Newtown branch.


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Kilbirnie branch.


Both fiction and non-fiction is available at our Kilbirnie branch.

Chinese Language Week 2019

Come along to the popular Chinese culture and language events during New Zealand Chinese Language Week! Experience Chinese culture with our programme of free events below:

1. Traditional Chinese music and dance

Experience a snapshot of Chinese culture and history through artistically presented dance, music, songs, martial arts, and calligraphy performances.  A beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary elements, and a fuse of western and eastern cultures.  A wonderful show all will enjoy!
Brought to you by the China Cultural Centre in New Zealand, New Zealand Chinese Culture & Arts Association and Wellington City Libraries.

11:00am -12:00pm  Saturday 28 September

Massey University Theatrette, entrance D from Tasman Street

(The seats are limited so you are encouraged to reserve a seat to avoid disappointment. )

Travel tips: At the intersection of Tory Street and Tasman Street, turn into Arthur Street. Drive up the driveway beside National War Memorial to the Old Museum Building (Block 10) of Massey University. Free parking around Block 10.

2. Dance and music performance

Cleverly designed choreography that combines contemporary and traditional dance and music, while showcasing the Chinese culture and language. Enjoy the show!

Brought to you by Wellington Chinese Language School and Wellington City Libraries.

12:00-1:00pm Saturday 28 September

Massey University Theatrette, entrance D from Tasman Street

(The seats are limited so you are encouraged to reserve a seat to avoid disappointment. )

Travel tips: At the intersection of Tory Street and Tasman Street, turn into Arthur Street. Drive up the driveway beside National War Memorial to the Old Museum Building (Block 10) of Massey University. Free parking around Block 10.

3. Dress up and take photos

After the first performance, there is a chance to dress up and take a photo while trying on the Chinese costumes. And you will also have the chance to take a photo with the performers.

Brought to you by the China Cultural Centre in New Zealand, New Zealand Chinese Culture & Arts Association  and Wellington City Libraries.

1:00pm -1:30pm  Saturday 28 September

Massey University Theatrette, entrance D from Tasman Street


4.Moving between tongues – translating Chinese poetry into English

Yujing Liang and Chris Tse discuss translating Chinese poetry into English and how this can lead to the creation of new meanings. Both writers include English and Chinese Language in their own work and they will discuss this process.

12:10pm -1:00pm Tuesday 24 September
Te Ahuimairangi (Ground floor), National Library

5. Teaching and learning Chinese in New Zealand Schools

Three Mandarin Language Assistants (Confucius Institute) and three secondary school students who are currently studying Chinese will participate in a panel discusion. They will discuss their language learning experiences, hopes and motives.

12:10pm -1:00pm Wednesday 25 September
Te Ahuimairangi (Ground floor), National Library

6. Chinese knot tying workshop

Wai Ching Chan will lead participants so that they can learn Chinese knotting techniques. She will develop discussions with explore the knots as symbols for connection and we will be invited to consider what this means for tauiwi co-existing with multi-cultural communities.

12:10pm -1:00pm Thursday 26 September
Public programmes Room, Te Ahumairangi, National Library

 7. Read Chinese magazines on DragonSource

Read Sanlian weekly, Readers and thousands of Chinese magazines online 24/7 with DragonSource !



8. Learn to speak Chinese

Learn Chinese with Wellington City Libraries’ eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as Mango Languages . If you are keen to share your learning, participate in New Zealand Chinese Language Week’s 5 Days 5 Phrases challenge. You can find out more information by visiting the official website.


Chinese New Year storytimes at Central!

Come and celebrate the Year of the Dog with Chinese storytime events at Wellington Central Library! Ni Hao Children’s Community are presenting these special storytime events with Chinese picture books and action songs for pre-schoolers and their families, no previous knowledge of Chinese needed. Children (and adults) can dress up in their favourite costumes and bring along a toy dog to hear songs, stories and rhymes in Chinese. Then check out the Chinese New Year performances, activities, food and fun in Civic Square!

Where: Wellington Central Library

When: Saturday 17th February, 9.30-10am & 3-3.30pm

Chinese Language Week at the library 7-11 September

Experience Chinese culture and language at Wellington City Libraries. There are lots of fun things to do such as Tai Chi, a Chinese film night, Nihao Stories & Rhymes for children, and much more. All for free.


Nihao Stories & Rhymes session
The popular Nihao Stories & Rhymes sessions in Chinese will take place at Central and three branch libraries during Chinese Language Week.
– Central library: 10:00-10:30am, Every Thursday. Cost: Free.
– Karori library: 10:30-11:00am, Tuesday 8 September. Cost: Free.
– Johnsonville library: 10:30-11:00am, Monday 7 September. Cost: Free.
– Ruth Gotlieb (Kilbirnie) library: 11:00-11:30am, Friday 11 September. Cost: Free.

Syndetics book coverBasic Chinese (Mandarin) Lesson 
Come to the library for a 30 minute session to learn Chinese. The session will be based on the bi-lingual books at the Chinese Corner and will focus on basic communication words and phrases include greetings, travel and much more.
– Central library: 1:00-1:30pm Tuesday 8 September. Cost: Free
– Karori library: 3:30-4:00pm Friday 11 September. Cost: Free.

Syndetics book coverTai Chi Class
Stressed and sore? Join a free Tai Chi class at the Central Library with experienced Tai Chi tutor Aaron Lavack from the Sing Ong Tai Chi .  Tai Chi can reduce stress and improve relaxation. The lesson will be held on Friday 11th of September at 12:30-1:30pm on the ground floor of Central Library. No booking is required.

Syndetics book coverChinese Film Night
Enjoy a big night out with your friends to watch a film for free at the Central and Newtown Library. Films are in Chinese with English subtitles.
– Central library: 6:00-8:00pm. Wednesday 9 September. Cost: Free.We will be playing ‘The Bullet Vanishes’ on the ground floor at central library. The film is rated R16, and you must be aged 16 or older to attend the screening.
Newtown library: 6:00-8:00pm. Friday 11 September. Cost: Free.We will be playing a different at Newtown. There were TV series and now a movies based on a folktale. Film is rated PG13 and recommended for audience aged 13 and over.

We have special permission to screen these films for free in the Central and Newtown Library. Bookings are required as seats are limited. Please call us to reserve your seat on 801-4068(Central),  801-4083 (Chinese), or 3892839 (Newtown) during library opening hours. Note: reservations not taken up by the starting time at 6pm may be reallocated to customers waiting, as numbers are limited.

基本 RGBChinese Painting Class
Famous painter Deyu Cheng is visiting our libraries to teach Chinese painting. Come along and enjoy an artistic experience.
– Central library: 11:00-12:00am.  Monday 7 September. Cost: Free.

liu qian xiangChinese Calligraphy Class
Famous calligrapher and painter Qianxiang Liu is coming to Johnsonville library to teach calligraphy.
– Johnsonville library: 11:00-12:00am. Friday 11 September. Cost: Free.

Central Library Tour in Chinese
Have you wondered what’s on the second floor, where to find information about Wellington birth, marriage and death records and where to find books to learn Chinese?  During Chinese Language Week, it’s your chance to join a free library tour and know more about the library collection. The tours will be conducted in Chinese. Two sessions available: Monday 7 September at 2:30-4:00pm and Thursday 10 September at 2:30-4:00pm Bookings are essential. Please call the information desk on 801-4068 or 8014083 (Chinese).

Overdrive coverLearn Chinese with eBooks
Bilingual eBooks and eAudio books are great tools for learning Chinese anywhere you have access to the internet or you can download them to your computer or smartphone. See selected highlights from our Overdrive collection, or browse the full range of eBooks and eAudio Books on OverDrive.

Read Chinese eNewspapers
Read today’s Chinese newspapers online via PressDisplay and New York Times in Chinese. Free from Wellington City Libraries with your library card membership.
nytimes screen


Chinese Language Week at the library 7-11 September, in Chinese


欢迎来惠林顿市图书馆体验中国语言文化。九月7-11号之间,您可参加很多活动: 包括太极课,中文电影,给儿童有你好中文故事童谣会,等等。全部免费.

Nihao Stories & Rhymes session 你好中文故事童谣会
– 市中心图书馆:每周四早上10:00-10:30.免费.
– Karori图书馆:九月8号周二早上10:30-11:00.免费.
– Johnsonville图书馆: 九月7号周一早上10:30-11:00.免费.
– Kilbirnie图书馆: 九月11号周五早上11:00-11:30.免费.

Syndetics book cover中文入门
-市中心图书馆: 九月8号下午1:00-1:30 。免费。请在图书馆开放时间致电图书馆预订,电话是:8014068(英文)或8014083(中文)。
-Karori图书馆: 九月11号下午3:30-4:00。免费。

Syndetics book cover太极课
腰酸背痛,身心疲惫?有多年经验太极教练Aaron Lavack会来市中心图书馆免费教授阳式太极。太极能够减轻压力,加强放松。太极将在九月11号中午12:30-1:30在市中心图书馆底楼举行。无需预定。

Syndetics book cover中文电影之夜
市中心图书馆: 九月9号晚6:00-8:00费。我们会放映'消失的子弹'。由刘青云,谢霆峰主演. (16禁).

基本 RGB国画课
– 市中心图书馆:9月7号早11:00-12:00.

liu qian xiang书法课
书法家和画家刘谦祥将来Jonsonville图书馆教授中国传统文化:书法。时间是9月11号早11:00-12:00. 免费.
您知道图书馆最高层有惠林顿市的出生,结婚,死亡历史记录吗?您知道图书馆的中文书在哪里吗?中文周中,您可以参加免费的图书馆导览,了解图书馆和图书馆的藏书。这是一个中文的导览。您可参加任一时段:九月7号 和九月10号下午2:30-4:00。请务必预订。请在图书馆开放时间致电图书馆预订,电话是: 8014068(英文) 或8014083(中文)

Overdrive cover使用电子书学习中文

欢迎通过惠林顿图书馆PressDisplay 纽约时报免费阅读当天的电子版报纸。
nytimes screen

Starting Soon – Ni Hao Chinese Stories & Rhymes

StoriesandRhymes Launch Poster MEDIUMNi Hao Children’s Community Stories & Rhymes provides a time for parents and children to play and learn Mandarin as a Second/Foreign Language together through stories, fun rhymes and action songs. It’s also a great opportunity to hear and use Mandarin in a welcoming and social environment.

Starting from Thursday 9 July 2015, these free sessions are held weekly at the Wellington Central Library children’s area (near the big window by the waterfall), Thursdays, 10 to 10:30am. 

Stories & Rhymes! sessions are led by teachers from the Ni Hao Children’s Community Charitable Trust, and designed for Mandarin for Speakers of Other Languages (MSOL) families who are wanting to learn the language as a second/foreign language.  Fluent Mandarin speakers would also enjoy these sessions! These Stories & Rhymes! sessions are a great introduction to the Mandarin language and a very small taster of our fun class programmes.

Parents and children are most welcome to hang around and mingle in the library’s children’s area after the session has finished.

See you at Stories & Rhymes!

(bookings not required)

New Chinese Corner at the Central Library

Discover a rich and colourful collection of Chinese Language teaching books at the Wellington Central Library. Look at different ways of learning Chinese with the help of the new teaching resources found in the Chinese Corner and explore the plethora of new books, DVDs and CDs.
The launch of the donated new Chinese Collection was hosted at the Central library last Monday, by the Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, the Chinese Ambassador Wang Lutong, the Director of the Confucius Institute and invited guests.
Find out more about the Chinese language, history and culture and make the most out of the easily accessible teaching resources available to borrow for free at the new Chinese Corner. You are all welcome to visit!
Chinese Corner
Ba xian guo hai xue han yu. v.1A [electronic resource] = Chinese your way / chu pin ren: Mei guo Mixigen zhou li da xue Kongzi xue yuan ; chuang yi: Zhao Yong ; bian xie: Cao Xiaoyan , Wang Ji, Li Fujia deng.
Learn Chinese through stories or ‘travel logs’ recorded by several American high school students’ while traveling in China. Learners can choose to browse the stories or to use interactive features to learn words, grammar, communicative usages and other cultural information related to the stories.

Ti yan Han yu. Xie zuo jiao cheng = Experiencing Chinese. [Writing course] / zhu bian Chen Zuohong deng [et al.].

Chinese for children. 1 / Multimedia Press China Central Radio & TV University ; ChinaSprout.
Chinese lessons for children in the form of a story that can be used in a home or classroom setting. Learn to recognize and write common characters, as well as match them with Pinyin and English.

Common knowledge about Chinese culture = Zhongguo wen hua chang shi / The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, China Overseas Exchanges Association.

Five thousand years of Chinese characters [videorecording] / chief producer, Xu Lin ; produced by the Office of the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) / Confucius Institute Headquarters, Beijing.
Introduces the evolvement of Chinese characters and demonstrates the impact Chinese characters have exerted on the enduring unification of China, and on the passing on of Chinese culture. Serving as comparisons, the evolution of other languages is also discussed during the narration of the history of Chinese characters.