Browsing our collections from home : some tips

Too many results when you search the catalogue, and you’re not sure which book to reserve? How do you choose the best match for your interests? Here are some ideas for you to try.

  1. Use the advanced search link from which gives you more options to try or combine different types of search (eg title starts with …).
    Catalogue search…
  2. In the search results page, use the left hand menu to narrow down the results by location, what’s available to borrow today, format (such as book), subject (to exclude fiction, for example, if you’re interested in growing roses), or publication year (if you’re interested in newer items. You can select more than one of these filters.

    catalogue search showing filter options

  3. Swap to a flow view as shown in red above. This may be quicker to scan covers across the top of the screen.
  4. Once you’ve identified a possible item, click on the title link. Select the Related option from the left hand side, and for many books there are additional details such as contents pages, further descriptions from the publisher, author information, series information, together with reviews from readers or sources such as the Guardian or Publishers Weekly. If you’d like to add your own review to any book, there’s a link to do that directly from this page.
    catalogue page showing where to find reviews
  5. Ask one of our librarians working at the Off-site Storage (Te Pātaka) to select a few titles on your topic via this request form. These items will be delivered to the library branch you have chosen, and will work like a reserve : you will be notified when they arrive and have a week to pick them up. This request service is free, but other fees may apply (for example if DVDs are requested, the standard issue fee will apply, uncollected items will incur the expired reserves fee).
    Request form

One of our library team will be happy to show you how to use any of these options if you’d like more help.

Catalogue search for World Languages

The easiest way to search for literature in our World Languages collection on our catalogue is to follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name of the language into the search box. For example “Hindi”
  2. Then down the very bottom of the lefthand menu, click on “Language”.
  3. Then click on “Hindi”.
  4. From there you can narrow your search down further using the lefthand menu. Clicking on “Subject” will allow you to choose between Children’s and Adult literature.
  5. Once you have found a book you would like to reserve, click on the orange “Place Reserve” button and enter your account details.

Sunday 4 August services

Central Library will be closed and some online services will be unavailable on Sunday 4 August. The library will reopen at the usual time, 9.30am, on Monday 5 August.

These changes are necessary to complete the relocation of the library management server to the Council’s data centre in Trentham. The move is part of a Council-wide project to ensure our IT infrastructure is in a secure earthquake-strengthened facility.

These online services will be unavailable on this website on Sunday from 7am until approximately early evening:
– catalogue searching
– library card access
– mygateway database access (for example Pressdisplay & Mango)
– eBook & eAudiobook borrowing (both Overdrive & Bolinda).

The information pages on our website will continue to be available including our blogs, Popular Topics, Māori & Heritage pages, and online storytimes. It will still be possible to browse Bolinda and Overdrive digital offerings and download books already on your bookshelf, but unfortunately the ability to borrow will not be available during this time.

We’ve extended the issues period on items that would have become due so you won’t incur overdue fines. Items that are already overdue won’t incur extra fines during the closure.

We will be updating this website, Twitter feed and Facebook page to notify when our services are fully available again.

We apologise for any impact these changes have to your enjoyment of library services on Sunday. Many thanks for your patience while this work occurs.