Raranga, tino rangatiratanga

There is another mixed bag of topics in the collection this month. An attractive book is Kete whakairo : plaiting flax for beginners, by Maragaret Rose Ngawaka. Every step of the journey is illustrated in colour, and yes, I am sure I could manage these simple techniques.

Syndetics book coverSovereignty : frontiers of possibility / edited by Julie Evans, Ann Genovese, Alexander Reilly, Patrick Wolfe. “Sovereignty’s many dimensions are approached from multiple perspectives and experiences. It is viewed globally as an international question; locally as an issue contested between Natives and settlers; and individually as survival in everyday life.”  (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverInstitutional racism and the dynamics of privilege in public health / Heather Came. “New Zealand has historically prided itself on being a fair and egalitarian society with exemplary race relations. Over time this has proven to be an enduring myth that has stalled the addressing of systemic racism. This comprehensive analysis reveals how the New Zealand government systematically discriminates against Māori in its administration of the public health system.” (Book cover)

Syndetics book coverKete whakairo : plaiting flax for beginners / Margaret Rose Ngawaka. “Raranga has been mistakenly confused with weaving. When weaving is in progress, the warps are worked vertically and the wefts horizontally. Raranga uses the plaiting technique, the warps and wefts are worked diagonally… The word ‘weaving’ has been used for years in raranga and seems to now be accepted among raranga plaiters in New Zealand.” (Adapted from introduction, p. 1.)

Auē Rona / Reihana Robinson. “In this compelling first collection, Reihana Robinson offers a nuanced re-imaging of the Māori Rona legend through lyrical poems of love, transgression and sorrow that flesh out and challenge the archetypal notion of the woman in the moon’–back cover/Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom… “Reihana Robinson has been widely published in New Zealand and internationally. She featured in AUP New Poets 3 (Auckland University Press, 2008) and her work has appeared in anthologies including Te Ao Marama : contemporary Māori writing. Reihana was the inaugural recipient of the Te Atairangikaahu Award for Poetry. She is also an artist and an organic farmer.” (Adapted from book cover)

Syndetics book coverDestiny : the life and times of a self-made apostle / Peter Lineham. “While Destiny Church began in 1998, it rose to notoriety in 2004 with its ‘Enough is Enough’ march against what it deemed society’s declining moral standards. Destiny and its leader Brian Tamaki have since become a significant – if controversial – presence in New Zealand’s religious, political and Māori worlds.” (Book cover)