Returning your Central Library items

library updateAt the end of April we alerted customers that items loaned from the Central Library had their due dates extended to 19 June. If you have items borrowed from the Central Library, please make sure you return them to any of our 12 libraries so that other library members can enjoy our collections. There are still no fees applicable if you return your items to a branch other than the library you borrowed them from.

Overdue fees will apply if items are not returned or renewed by the due date. We have been sending out courtesy reminders to customers who have items due on that date. If you don’t already receive courtesy reminders, please make sure that your contact details are up to date by emailing us at or talking to library staff.

Free library loans Saturday 21st November 2015

Customer holding DVDsHelp us celebrate Libris 175 – our anniversary! On Saturday 21st November 2015 there will be no fees to borrow library items from any Wellington City library.
This applies to all types of items including magazines, DVDs, CDs, bestsellers.
Please issue your items via a staff member, not at the self-check machines.
This special free offer only applies to the issue fee – other fees such as reserves, renewals, out of town, overdues, will apply if they are relevant.

Watch TV series on DVD at your own pace

dvd box setsLife seems so much busier these days and trying to watch The Killing (Danish version, of course) in a week is pretty nigh impossible.  And customers have told us much the same. So we’ve listened and made a change.  From Wednesday the 1st of August all our box set DVDs* will be issued for three weeks instead of one, just like our books. So now there are a lot  more opportunities to watch your favourite TV series or in fact any of our other box sets DVDs. And there’s more good news – the price is staying the same at only $8 per box set.  So why not take advantage of this change and take three or four box sets home with you next time you come to the library?

* Please note this change applies only to those DVDs labelled as Box Sets, listed in the catalogue as Box Sets and for which the loan charge is $8.

Welcoming Christchurch library patrons

Have you relocated from Christchurch to Wellington? Are you keen to continue your use of libraries? From today, Christchurch City Libraries card holders are eligible for temporary Wellington City Libraries cards for up to 6 months membership.

We are also collecting library books that need to be relocated back to Christchurch, so if you have any items with you that you need to return to a Christchurch City Libraries branch, you’re welcome to bring these into any Wellington City Libraries branch and we will ensure that they’re returned to Christchurch City Libraries when the library is ready to receive them.

If you have Wellington City Libraries items in Christchurch, please contact either Nicky on 801 4055 or Elizabeth on 801 4058 for advice.