OverDrive app retirement 1 May: Helpful resources

Libby will soon replace the legacy OverDrive app - Helpful resources

Libby will soon replace the legacy OverDrive app - Helpful resourcesThis is a quick reminder that from 1 May, the original OverDrive app will be discontinued and replaced with OverDrive’s Libby app. The OverDrive app was removed from app stores in February last year for new downloads.

Need help getting started with Libby? Find some resources below!

‘Getting Started with Libby’ webinar recording

On Thursday 27 April, OverDrive ran a one-hour webinar for New Zealand libraries that covered many topics to do with getting started with Libby. You can watch a video of the recording here (transcript also available):

Watch the webinar recording

PDF Getting Started Guides

Here are some handy PDFs that link to help articles and short video clips to make getting started and learning new tips and tricks easy for you:

  • Getting Started with Libby PDF - downloading the app and signing in
  • Libby Tips and Tricks PDF - get the most out of the Libby app

Further links, or get in touch!

For more information about this upcoming change, read:

Please note, the OverDrive website will remain available as this is built-in functionality for some eReader devices — just the original OverDrive app is being retired.

If you need support or would like any further information about these changes, please email us at enquiries@wcl.govt.nz

OverDrive app retirement 1 May, and Libby webinar 27 April

Register for a Zoom webinar on Libby with OverDrive

Register for a Zoom webinar on Libby with OverDriveThis is a quick reminder that from 1 May, the original OverDrive app will be discontinued and replaced with OverDrive’s Libby app. The OverDrive app was removed from app stores in February last year for new downloads.

Need help getting started with Libby? Join us for a one-hour Getting Started with Libby webinar, 10am Thursday 27 April, run by OverDrive for New Zealand libraries.

Register for the Webinar

Can’t attend the session live?

The session will be recorded and emailed to everyone registered 24 hours after the webinar. Please register to receive the recording.

From downloading the app & signing in, to searching & borrowing titles, placing holds, adjusting reading settings, and more, OverDrive’s Libby experts are here to get you started.

Please note, the OverDrive website will remain available — just the original OverDrive app is being retired.

For more information about this upcoming change, read:

If you need support or would like any further information about these changes, please email us at enquiries@wcl.govt.nz

Fundamental Forces: Orchestra Wellington’s first concert of 2023

The first concert of Orchestra Wellington’s 2023 Inner Visions season takes place this Saturday night at the Michael Fowler Centre. The programme, entitled ‘Fundamental Forces’, presents Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite, C.P.E. Bach’s Symphony in E minor, Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto in D (with soloist Natalia Lomeiko), and Haydn’s Symphony No. 39 in G minor. This powerful confluence of visions and forces, realised through an eclectic programme, prompted us to ask Orchestra Wellington’s Music Director, Marc Taddei, about the connections between these musical works:

‘We see the genesis of the Empfindsamer Stil and Sturm und Drang representing the Dionysian impulse in music (which is the theme of the season), with an example of a kind of apotheosis in the Scythian Suite (a New Zealand premiere, as far as I am aware). I like the idea of CPE Bach’s father being represented by a neo-classic homage by Stravinsky, which … presents the opposing Apollonian impulse.’

– Marc Taddei

So, how to learn more about Empfindsamer Stil (‘the style of sensitivity’), Sturm und Drang (‘storm and stress’), Apollonian rationality, harmony, and restraint, not to mention the unbridled passion and ecstatic excesses of Dionysius? Our collection holds the answers! In this post, we will highlight some material that contextualizes this music and its creators. Firstly, all members of Wellington City Libraries can access to Oxford Music Onlinevia the eLibrary – you just need your card number and PIN to log in. Oxford Music Onlineoffers concise articles about Emfindsamkeit and Empfindsamer StilSturm und Drang, and Neo-classicismOxford Music Online also contains biographies of C. P. E. Bach, Haydn, Stravinsky, and Prokofiev.

In addition, there are several books that provide still greater breadth and depth of discussion, all by leading authorities in music history, engaging for general and specialist audiences alike. Our recommendations include:

The beloved vision : a history of nineteenth century music / Walsh, Stephen
Despite its title, Walsh begins the story of The Beloved Vision in the eighteenth century, demonstrating the pivotal role played by C. P. E. Bach and Haydn in the later development of nineteenth-century music. The alternately exquisite and visceral elements of Bach’s Symphony in E minor – exemplifying a sensibility attuned to the eloquent expression of drama and tenderness, the very epitome of Empfindsamer Stil – would find a later and more extreme expression in the Sturm und Drang of Haydn’s Symphony No. 39. Works such as these, Walsh argues, while firmly of the eighteenth century, were some of the earliest expressions of characteristics we’d come to associate with Romanticism. Walsh explores late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century thought concerning volatile expression in poetry, and how those ideals might find expression in music. Walsh’s discussion of Empfindsamer Stil and Sturm und Drang in their literary and musical manifestations, and as forms of reaction to the confident certainties of Enlightenment, provides useful context for listening to the music of both C.P.E. Bach and Haydn.

The Faber pocket guide to Haydn / Wigmore, Richard
Richard Wigmore’s concise exploration of Haydn’s life and music offers an ideal introduction to the composer, as well as offering insights into his work for the connoisseur. Wigmore discusses a range of Haydn’s work, anatomizing many of the subtle elements of his aesthetics that are often overlooked. The expressive depths of Haydn’s music, which are especially evident in such Sturm und Drang works as his Symphony No. 39, form a significant part of Wigmore’s broader discussion in this useful and comprehensive book.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0253372658/ref=ase_wellingtoncit-21 Image from https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0253372658/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0Haydn : his life and music / Landon, H. C. Robbins
H. C. Robbins Landon’s Haydn: his life and music was one of the first comprehensive critical studies of the composer that explored Haydn on his own terms, considering the different phases of his career, his development as a composer, the struggle of balancing his duties as a Kapellmeister to the Esterhazy princes with his own creative ambitions, and the great fame that he experienced later in his life. This is a scholarly book, minutely researched, but the author used his sources so carefully that it’s also constantly engaging, leading the reader through the vicissitudes and triumphs of Haydn’s life and linking these with his music. One early review of Haydn: his life and music describes the ‘presentation as laconic’ and the author’s tone as ‘infectiously lively’ – qualities that are absolutely appropriate to Haydn himself.

Stravinsky : a creative spring : Russia and France, 1882-1934 / Walsh, Stephen
In the first installment of his two-volume biography of Igor Stravinsky, Stephen Walsh examines the composer’s early life, the development of his career, the extraordinary collaboration with Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, and the years in Switzerland and France. Walsh highlights the relationship between Stravinsky’s pragmatism and business sense, his aesthetics, and his identity as a Russian composer outside his mother country. Walsh also explores in fascinating detail the genesis of Stravinsky’s Violin Concerto (1931) – a work of Apollonian balance and clarity – and the controversy the piece provoked. Stravinsky: a creative spring is a meticulously researched biography that brings the enigmatic composer vividly to life.

Sergei Prokofiev : a biography / Robinson, Harlow Loomis
Prokofiev’s Scythian Suite dates from 1915. Its music comes from the score of a ballet that Sergei Diaghilev had commissioned from Prokofiev for the Ballets Russes. Unfortunately, Diaghilev did not accept Prokofiev’s work Ala i Lolli, a story based on ancient Slavic mythology with a proposed scenario by the symbolist poet Sergei Gorodetsky. In the wake of the furore caused by Stravinsky’s score for The Rite of Spring and the drama of its premiere with the Ballets Russes, Prokofiev wanted to create a similar stir, with a similarly Dionysian score. After Diaghilev dropped the project, perhaps because he felt the music was derivative of Stravinsky’s Rite, Prokofiev instead transformed some of the music into the four-movement Scythian Suite, a virtuosic orchestral work that sketches out the storyline of the ballet. The story of Diaghilev’s commission, Prokofiev’s ambitions for the project, and the (small) scandal provoked by the premiere of the Suite are described in Harlow Loomis Robinson’s Sergei Prokofiev: a biography, along with an engaging account of the Suite‘s premiere:

One of those most offended by “The Scythian Suite” was Glazunov, who made a great show of leaving the concert hall eight measurers before the end …. Even the musicians were upset: the timpanist broke through the skin on his timpani, and [a] cellist complained to Prokofiev that he agreed to play only because he had a wife and three children to support.’

– H. L. Robinson

Introducing Notify Me on the Libby App

Do you use our Libby app or website? On Tuesday 21 March, Libby is introducing a new service to its app and website, called Notify me — read below to find out more!

How does it work?

Through Notify Me you’ll be able to find and tag eBook and eAudiobook titles not already in our Libby collection (but available for us to purchase), notifying the library of your interest if the title is acquired. If the title is then acquired by the library, you will receive a notification that the title is available.

In Libby, there are two ways to discover titles that are not yet in our digital collection:

  1. If you search for a title, author, or series and it returns no results, Libby will automatically expand into a “deep search” to display relevant titles that are not yet in our collection
  2. If you run a search that returns fewer than 100 results, you can tap the filter button to manually enable “deep search”
Click the filter button Toggle on Deep search

From the expanded search, you will see relevant results with a Notify Me option. Tap Notify Me to tag titles and be notified if they are added to our library’s digital collection in the future:

An example of Notify Me and its icon

How can I find out more?

Need more information? You can learn more about Notify Me through the Libby Help site below:

Notify Me — Libby Help

Update on Recommend to Library through the OverDrive app

Some library members may already be using a similar service called Recommend to Library that is available through our OverDrive app and website. (See our previous blog post for more information on the phrasing out and transition from the OverDrive app to Libby.)

Recommend to Library will be discontinued at the same time as the OverDrive app on 1 May 2023. We advise any customers still using Recommend to Library to begin using Notify Me from the 21st of March.

We will continue to do our best to support you in moving from OverDrive to Libby throughout this time period. If you have any issues with either app or would like any further information about these changes, please get in touch below:

Email us – enquiries@wcl.govt.nz

The Library is open: LGBTQIA+ Read for Pride


The library is now open (for Wellington Pride 2023).

We know that reading is fundamental for many Wellingtonians, and so this Pride season we’re highlighting two gems from our LGBTQIA+ eBook collection, both publications from Aotearoa!

From Saturday the 4th to Saturday the 18th of March, we will be offering unlimited free downloads of anthology collections Out Here : An Anthology of Takatapui and LGBTQIA+ Writers from Aotearoa and 30 Queer Lives : Conversations with LGBTQIA+ New Zealanders. Both eBooks are available through Libby, and are free to borrow with your Wellington City Libraries card.

Our celebrations don’t stop there! Make sure to check out the events we’re running for Pride, including: Pōneke Poets: Open Mic (Out in the City), Karori Rainbow Youth Night, Johnsonville Rainbow Youth Night and Youth Movie Night for Pride!. As an extra treat, we’ve also included a video from our YouTube channel featuring New Zealand Poet Laureate (and co-editor of Out here), Chris Tse!

Out here : an anthology of takatapui and LGBTQIA+ writers from Aotearoa
“A remarkable anthology of queer New Zealand voices. We became teenagers in the nineties when New Zealand felt a lot less cool about queerness and gender felt much more rigid. We knew instinctively that hiding was the safest strategy. But how to find your community if you’re hidden? Aotearoa is a land of extraordinary queer writers, many of whom have contributed to our rich literary history. But you wouldn’t know it. Decades of erasure and homophobia have rendered some of our most powerful writing invisible. Out Here will change that. This landmark book brings together and celebrates queer New Zealand writers from across the gender and LGBTQIA+ spectrum with a generous selection of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and much, much more. (Adapted from catalogue)”

30 queer lives : conversations with LGBTQIA+ / McEvoy, Matt
“Soldiers, politicians, Olympians, doctors, musicians, academics, businesspeople, farmers, writers and fa‘afafine . . . the thirty LGBTQIA+ New Zealanders in this book are remarkable individuals. They each speak with candour and honesty about their challenges and successes, and together they show how LGBTQIA+ people strengthen the rich culture of Aotearoa. From the famous — Grant Robertson, Gareth Farr, Chlöe Swarbrick — to the less well known, these stories encourage empathy and understanding, challenge stereotypes, and offer courage and hope.” (Catalogue)


Bridget Williams Books: The Treaty of Waitangi Collection

A selection of book covers from the Bridget Williams Books Treaty of Waitangi Collection

Log in to Bridget Williams Books Treaty of Waitangi resources with your library card

Did you know that your library card gives you access to numerous collections from the award-winning New Zealand publisher Bridget Williams Books? Today we’d like to draw your attention to their outstanding home for online resources regarding the Treaty of Waitangi.

Bridget Williams Books’ Treaty of Waitangi Collection is broken up into different subtopics to assist your learning journey. You might like to start with one of their foundation texts, such as What Happened at Waitangi? by Claudia Orange. Following on from there, you could dive into BWB’s history resources to gain a deeper understanding of the historical context in which the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. One useful text for this might be Redemption Songs by Judith Binney. After that, BWB has also provided a commentary selection, which includes publications such as New Myths and Old Politics: The Waitangi Tribunal and the Challenge of Tradition by Sir Tipene O’Regan. 

To access this Bridget Williams Books collection, simply head over to our eLibrary resources and scroll down to find Bridget Williams Books. Follow that link to access the collection. You will need your library card number and your pin to login. Happy reading!