Staff Picks: DVDs and Blu-Rays at the Library

Stumped for something to watch this weekend? Here are some DVDS and Blu-Rays that our library staff have enjoyed watching recently, featuring a range of new arrivals and deep-cut classics from the collection.

Shinji’s Picks

She said – Maria Schrader

The banshees of Inisherin – Martin McDonagh

Both sides of the blade – Claire Denis

The passengers of the night – Mikhael Hers

Triangle of sadness – Ruben Ostlund

Wheel of fortune and fantasy – Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Paris, 13th district – Jacques Audiard

Pearl – Ti West

The velvet queen – Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier

Accident – Joseph Losey

She SaidThe Banshees of InisherinBoth Sides of the BladeThe Passengers of the NightTriangle of SadnessWheel of Fortune and FantasyParis, 13th DistrictPearlThe Velvet QueenAccident

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New DVDs at Te Awe

Here are the new DVDs we’ve added to the catalogue over March, April and May, available at our CBD Te Awe branch and selected other locations to borrow or reserve.

Take back
Little kingdom
Seriously Red
Rogue agent
The road dance
The menu
Doc Martin. Complete series ten
Bones and all
Black Panther. Wakanda forever
Young Rock. Season two
Where is Anne Frank
Wheel of fortune and fantasy
Recipes for love & murder. Series one
Murder party
Raised by wolves. 2
Munch : love, ghosts and lady vampires
Whitney Houston : I wanna dance with somebody
Star trek, Strange new worlds. Season one
A man called Otto
Happy Valley. Series 3
The banshees of Inisherin
The Fabelmans
Death in paradise. Series eleven
The conference
The Boys. Season 3
The Auschwitz report
Whitstable Pearl. Series 2
Tupac : resurrection : in his own words
Bloodlands. Series 2
The whale
The Bob’s Burgers movie
Weird : the Al Yankovic story
What’s love got to do with it
Unforgotten. Series 5
Call the midwife. Series twelve ; Christmas special
You can go now
A stitch in time
Midsomer murders. Complete season 23
Magpie murders. Season one
Operation Fortune : ruse de guerre
Magic Mike’s last dance
Fisherman’s Friends. 2, One and all
The Madame Blanc mysteries. Series 2
The Larkins. Series 2
Knock at the cabin
Cocaine Bear
The lost King

Take BackLittle KingdomSeriously RedRogue AgentThe Road DanceThe MenuDoc Martin. Complete series tenBones and AllBlack Panther. Wakanda foreverYoung Rock. Season TwoWhere is Anne FrankWheel of Fortune and FantasyMurder PartyRaised by Wolves. 2Munch : love, ghosts and lady vampiresWhitney Houston : I wanna dance with somebodyStar Trek. Strange New WorldsA Man Called OttoHappy Valley. Series 3The Banshees of InisherinTransfusionM3GANThe FabelmansDeath in Paradise. Series ElevenThe ConferenceThe Boys. Season ThreeBabylonThe Auschwitz ReportWhitstable Pearl. Series TwoTupac : resurrection : in his own wordsBloodlands. Series 2EmilyThe WhaleThe Bob Burger's MovieBluebackWeird: The Al Yankovic StoryTárWhat's Love Got To Do With It?Unforgotten. Series FiveMissingCall the midwife. Series twelve ; Christmas specialYou Can Go NowA Stitch In TimeMidsomer Murders. Complete Season 23Magpie Murders. Season OneOperation Fortune : Ruse De GuerreMagic Mike's Last DanceFisherman's Friends 2. One And AllTombstonePearlThe Madame Blanc Mysteries. Series 2The Larkins. Series 2Knock At The CabinCocaine BearThe Lost King

New DVDs at Te Awe

Here is the first batch of new DVDs we’ve added to the catalogue for 2023, available at our CBD Te Awe branch and selected other locations to borrow or reserve.

Reacher. Season one
You won’t be alone
The quiet girl = An Cailín Ciúin
Picture perfect mysteries : 3-movie collection
Morning Show mysteries. Murder ever after
Martha’s Vineyard mysteries. Poisoned in paradise
The humans
Good girls. Season four
Flux gourmet
Farewell, Mr. Haffman
Facing monsters
Between two worlds
Ticket to paradise
Star trek: Discovery. Season four
Moonage daydream
King Kong
Doctor Who [2005- ]. The power of the doctor
Better call Saul. Season six
The Beatles : get back
Lancaster : above and beyond
Matchmaker mysteries : 3 film collection
Paradise city
The time traveler’s wife. The complete series
House of the dragon. 1
The ties
Prizefighter : the life of Jem Belcher
Both sides of the blade
To Chiara : a daughter’s story
Three floors
Westworld. Season four, The choice
The woman king
Mrs. Harris goes to Paris
Halloween ends
The loneliest boy in the world
Don’t worry darling
Black Adam
The velvet queen
My life is murder. Series 3
Magnum P.I. Season four
David Farrier’s Mister Organ
The flight attendant. Season 2
She said
The offering
Everything went fine
Escape the field
Decision to leave

Reacher. Season OneYou Won't Be AloneThe Quiet GirlPicture perfect mysteries : 3-movie collectionMorning Show mysteries. Murder ever afterMartha's Vineyard mysteries. Poisoned in paradiseThe HumansGood Girls Season FourFlux GourmetFarewell, Mr. HaffmanFacing MonstersBetween Two WorldsBanditTicket to ParadiseStar Trek Discovery Season FourMoonage DaydreamKing KongDoctor Who. The Power of the DoctorBetter Call Saul. Season SixThe Beatles : Get BackWhinaLancaster : Above and BeyondMassMatchmaker mysteries : 3 film collectionSmileParadise CityAmsterdamThe Time Traveler's Wife. The Complete SeriesHouse of the Dragon. 1The tiesPrizefighter : the life of Jem BelcherBoth Sides of the BladeTo ChiaraThree FloorsWestworld. Season four, The choiceThe Woman KingMrs. Harris Goes to ParisHalloween EndsThe Loneliest Boy in the WorldDon't Worry DarlingBlack AdamThe Velvet QueenMy Life is Murder. Series 3Magnum P.I. Season FourDavid Farrier's Mister OrganThe Flight Attendant. Season 2She SaidThe OfferingFallEverything Went FineEscape the FieldDecision to Leave

Staff Picks: The Best DVDs of 2022

Here we have the very best DVDs of 2022, as selected by our own WCL librarians. All of these titles are available to loan!

Kath’s picks

Everything everywhere all at once Everything Everywhere All At Once
There is no way to describe this film other than strap yourself in, hold on and just go with it.  And maybe, find someone to give you a hug afterwards.  On the surface it feels ridiculous, but this film is one of the most thought provoking, spectacular pieces of cinema I have seen in many years.  Brilliant acting from the entire cast, fantastic martial arts scenes, and it grapples with feelings that many of us will recognise.  Watch this film and you’ll be demanding everyone, everywhere watches it too. 

Gloriavale : New Zealand’s secret cult Gloriavale New Zealand's Secret Cult
An honest, raw documentary showcasing the suffering of several former Gloriavale members, and one amazing woman who is still part of the sect.  Handled sensitively and compassionately, this documentary speaks to those who have managed to escape (or been excommunicated from) Gloriavale and the team that are supporting them in fighting for the right to see their families and expose the abuse at the hands of the sect leaders.  A beautifully made film that every New Zealander should watch. 

The lost cityThe Lost City
If you want to have a rollicking good time, watch this movie.  Sandra Bullock at her comedic best, Channing Tatum being adorable, Daniel Radcliffe chewing the scenery and Brad Pitt… well, I’ll leave that up to you to find out.  Think 80’s adventure rom-coms like Romancing the Stone only in a modern setting.  Full of laugh out loud moments and one very sparkly purple jump suit. 


Shinji’s picks

Petite maman – Celine Sciamma
Memoria – Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Drive my car – Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Beginning – Dea Kulumbegashvili
The quiet girl = An Cailín Ciúin – Colm Bairead
I’m your man – Maria Schrader
Limbo – Ben Sharrock
Flee  – Jonas Poher Rasmussen
Small axe : a collection of 5 films from Steve McQueen
The White Lotus. The complete first season

Petite MamanMemoriaDrive My CarBeginningThe Quiet GirlI'm Your Man Limbo Flee Small axe : A Collection of 5 Films from Steve McQueen The White Lotus : The Complete First Season

Gus’ picks

Everything Everywhere All At OnceEverything everywhere all at once
Everything Everywhere All At Once manages to fuse a very heady story about the multiverse to an intimate family drama with charm and aplomb. It’s not just an answer to my long-standing wish to see the Multiverse dramatised on the big screen (in a way that didn’t require a Spider-Man), it’s also the most inventive, hilarious, moving, structurally airtight, genuinely insightful and empathetic movies I’ve ever seen.


Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness
The real thrill of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is seeing director Sam Raimi return to directing after a nine-year absence, bringing all the cheeky horror stylings of his Evil Dead trilogy to the MCU while reminding you that with three Spider-Mans under his belt, he knows his way around a superhero scuffle. But what really stuck with me after Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is realising Strange is basically a librarian’s superhero: a reclusive keeper of obscure knowledge who spends most of his day gesturing with his hands to help people in their adventures.


While most cinephiles know Paul Verhoeven as the director behind such indulgent Hollywood blockbusters as Robocop, Basic Instinct, and Starship Troopers, his other claim to fame is he’s a world-renowned scholar on the life of the historical Jesus Christ. In Benedetta, his fascination with the contradictions of religion come to the fore, as he retells the true story of a 17th-century lesbian nun who was seemingly possessed by Christ to save her small town from the ravages of the plague. Cheekily profane and brilliantly pointed, only someone with Verhoeven’s particularities could have pulled this off.

Nope Nope
Jordan Peele continues to top himself with NOPE, a fantastic twist on the alien invader movie that is, in essence, Jaws in the sky. To say any more would spoil the fun, but needless to say, I found it to be Peele’s best film yet.



Better Call Saul Season SixBetter call Saul. Season six
It’s especially difficult for a show that’s a prequel to one of the most popular dramas of the 2010s to remain both narratively compelling and maintain the quality of storytelling expected from its predecessor, and Better Call Saul absolutely sticks its landing on both fronts. In Saul/Jimmy/whoever Odenkirk is really playing, I found another answer to Don Draper from Mad Men (my other favourite AMC show), a disreputable charlatan whose life is essentially all a performance, yet he pulls through in the end when he remembers what (and more importantly, who) he’s really doing it all for.

Peacemaker Season 1Peacemaker. The complete first season
James Gunn and John Cena take the shallowest of joke characters from The Suicide Squad (a film that already had a talking shark and a Polka-Dot Man), and manage to build a compelling, funny, and occasionally poignant show around him. As a seasoned comic reader, I also appreciated the deep cut references to DC Comics characters that double as genuinely inventive jokes rather than just self-conscious ‘too-hip’ deflations as seen in other comic adaptations (I almost broke a rib laughing at the joke about Matter-Eater Lad eating an entire Wendy’s, and he means the restaurant itself).

Sasha’s picks

Top Gun : Maverick
The worst person in the world

Top Gun MaverickThe Worst Person in the World



Charlotte’s picks

Everything everywhere all at once
Petite maman
Succession. The complete third season
The humans

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Petite MamanSpencer

Succession Season 3The Humans


Joshua’s picks

Bullet TrainBullet Train is a very fun action movie about a bunch of different assassins all going after the same goal. It has bombastic action and fun comedy, with an all around great story. It has the vibes of an Edgar Wright Action/Comedy, and, best of all, comes from a book! 



UnchartedUncharted meanwhile is just a fun action movie where we get to watch cool people do cool stuff. It’s not mind blowingly good, but it does its job perfectly, just a fun movie to watch. Plus it has a battle on flying pirate ships, I mean come on. 

Eva’s picks

Kyan’s picks

Navalny (available on Kanopy)
Navalny follows the opposition leader to Putin Alexei Navalny after he was poisoned by Kremlin assassins and recovered in Germany. The film follows him as he and his team of hackers uncover the identities, method and time of how Putin poisoned him, including one of the best smoking gun accidental confessions on camera I’ve ever seen when he calls his own assassin and gets him to unknowingly detail what happened. Navalny then chose to return to Russia to continue to oppose Putin, where he is now deteriorating in a gulag prison. Given the Ukraine war it’s become even more relevant, and has just been nominated for best documentary at the Oscars.

The worst person in the world

The Worst Person in the WorldNominated for best Foreign Language and Best Screenplay at last year’s Oscars. Was in many people’s top lists of last year. Funny and moving. High recommend.

Staff Picks: DVDs and Blu-Rays at the Library

Here are some new, and older, DVDS and Blu-Rays that our Library staff have enjoyed watching recently, including a few Christmas movie picks for your holiday viewing!

Brigid’s Picks:

Christmas unwrapped ; The Christmas setup ; Christmas at Maple Creek ; No time like Christmas ; Christmas lost & found
This DVD is a 5 disc collection of gentle Christmas movies.
They are all very different stories made by a Canadian production company but are set in USA. The 5 DVD’s are all from 2018-2020 so still fairly new. The stories have very diverse characters. The rating is PGR. They are all gentle stories good for binge watching leading up to Christmas.

Inside are the following titles:

Christmas Unwrapped: This is a gentle story of a young journalist Charity, desperately trying to get her big break in Journalism. It comes in the form of having to write the story about a young man in the city who every year becomes the city’s Father Christmas by giving. Covering this story changes Charity’s life. Also stars Cheryl Ladd as the hard-bitten news Editor. This is a lovely gentle story great to watch whilst wrapping presents and decorating trees.

The Christmas Setup: This is a gentle Christmas romance. This is about a corporate lawyer Hugo who goes home for 2 weeks for Christmas to help his mum (Fran Drescher – The Nanny fame) celebrate Christmas and raise funds for the town.

Christmas at Maple Creek: A romance author Diana, goes back to the place of her childhood to help her get over writer’s block and enjoy Christmas there again. Diana finds more there than she bargains for Maple Creek needs her help.

No Time like Christmas: Emma finds her university boyfriend’s watch that she had given him, in a vintage shop just before she heads home to Vermont to celebrate Christmas. Things are not all as she expects.

Christmas Lost and Found: New York city event planner Whitney goes back to Chicago to spend her Christmas with her grandma. Whitney is gifted all the special Christmas ornaments that she collected with her grandma as a child but accidently lost them. Over the next week she must find them.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas of many colors : circle of love
This is a lovely DVD taken from the life of Dolly Parton. Dolly puts in a guest appearance and narrates it. Set in the Tennessee mountains Dolly is growing up with her family in the 1950’s. Dolly has 7 siblings and there is not a lot of money to spare. It is a story about how the children try and find money to help their dad give their mum the one present he has always wanted to – a Wedding ring. Everything goes well until disaster happens. How they cope is part of the lovely movie. Jennifer Nettles plays her mum, Rick Schroder plays her dad and Gerald McRaney plays the Preacher Grandfather. You do not need to like Dolly Parton’s music to enjoy this movie. Great time to enjoy it before the new Dolly movie comes out.

Neil J.s Pick:

Star Trek. IV, The voyage home
So, in the midst of a plethora of new Star Trek series and continued rumours about a Quentin Tarantino directed Star Trek movie, I decided to go back to the eighties in a big way and rewatch Star Trek Four The Voyage Home. The one with the whales where the crew travel back in time to 1986 (which was at that point the present day). It remains fabulous fun, the comic timing gags both visual and, in the script, still land perfectly. The strange thing is it has now become (mostly in a good way) as much about the period in time that it was made, as any future. Eighties styles, attitudes and preoccupations dominate. In a similar fashion to the way the fifties science fiction film Forbidden Planet reflects American society at that point in time.

Shinji’s Picks:

Petite maman
Forgotten we’ll be
The White Lotus. The complete first season
Walk on the wild side


Petite Maman

Forgotten We'll Be

The White Lotus

Walk on the Wide Side


Mark’s Picks:

C.B. Strike. Lethal white
The latest season of the J.K Rowling’s Strike series (written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith) has just debuted in the UK, with an adaption of the 5th novel, Troubled Blood. This DVD, an adaption of the 3rd novel Lethal White, is so far the only season released in NZ. In case you are unfamiliar with the book series, Cormoran Strike (played by Tom Burke) is a permanently dishevelled London based Private Investigator, who seems to exist entirely on pub crisps, Indian takeaways and beer, and is almost perpetually grumpy due to the complexities of his exacting business, his prosthetic leg, and his complicated personal history as the illegitimate son of a famous rock star. Robin Ellacott (played by Holliday Grainger) is a Temp agency receptionist, with a traumatic past and a keen investigative talent who, by the time of this series, has become his business partner. This instalment in the series begins when Billy Knight, a young man with a history of mental illness claims to have witnessed a child’s murder and the burial of the body in the woods some years before and asks Strike to investigate. Despite being set in contemporary London, and being occasionally quite gritty, ‘Strike’ is in a lot of ways an old fashioned show with little digital flash. The long cases essentially involve lots of plodding work, reinterviewing people, research, and conversations, and so are somewhat difficult to condense into the TV format. It’s all carried, really, by the two leads who are both excellent, and one of the most accurate transfers from page to screen of any adaptation. They both seem to perfectly embody the characters in the books, and the series is just as much about their complicated lives and growing personal & professional bonds, as it is about the cases they solve.

Gus’ Picks:

Succession. The complete first season
Succession. The complete second season
Succession. The complete third season

Logan Roy, the aging CEO of the massive media conglomerate Waystar-RoyCo, has a health scare following his announcement that he will delay his abdication from the company. This leads to a succession panic among his children: the troubled golden child Kendall, the manipulative only-daughter Shiv, and pathologically immature Roman. Combining the cinema vérité of The Thick of It with the prestige TV character psychology of The Sopranos, Succession will leaving you reeling for the first couple episodes, as your mind adjusts both to the exorbitant opulence in which the characters live and its deft tonal balancing act of drama and comedy. But after settling into its groove (and experiencing it’s absolute sledgehammer of a first season finale), I’m fully willing to declare that it’s the worthy (ahem) successor to its prestige TV forebears like The Sopranos, Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Michael Clayton
Set during a massive class action lawsuit of an agricultural giant, unscrupulous ‘bagman’ lawyer Michael Clayton (George Clooney) finds himself embroiled in a corporate conspiracy after his legal wunderkind colleague has a crisis of conscience about his company’s ethics and goes into hiding. The directorial debut of writer Tony Gilroy (Andor), this is top-to-bottom a superbly crafted, dark-but-never-morose legal thriller with a sincere humanity at its core; no wonder it was nominated for almost every major Academy Award (it only won Best Supporting Actress for Tilda Swinton).

Robot & Frank
Set in a near-ish future, the titular Frank is a retired jewel thief who lives alone, until his son buys him a helper robot to assist him with his daily tasks. Frank initially dislikes the robot’s presence, until he realises that the robot can be taught to steal. The robot happily obliges, glad that he has given Frank a task to keep him active, and an unlikely friendship (and crime wave) ensues. A quiet adult drama about ageing and losing touch with family that just happens to be a heist caper with a robot in it, Robot & Frank is an absolute charmer and a criminally slept-on movie overall.

‘Do the Right Thing’ from 3 Spike Lee joints
Do The Right ThingSet in Bed-Stuy and told across one of the hottest days of the year, Do the Right Thing follows the residents of a Brooklyn community as a political firestorm begins to kindle around the local pizza joint. Do the Right Thing is considered Spike Lee’s magnum opus, and I’m inclined to agree; every member of its large ensemble cast has incredible depth and range, the radiant orange lighting really sells the setting of the heat wave, and the themes of racial tension, restorative justice, and economic precarity still haven’t lost their relevance in 2022. A masterpiece all around.

Superman I, Superman IISuperman III, and Superman VI: The Quest for Peace from The Superman motion picture anthology : 1978-2006 Despite being a fan of Superman, I’d never actually gone back and watched the original Christopher Reeve movies. While they are definitely mired in 70s/80s cheesiness, the films work on the innate sincerity of the character, and I was delighted throughout the whole quadrilogy. The acting is all top-notch across the board as well, especially Reeve as Superman and Clark Kent (two very distinctive performances that he pivots between expertly), Margot Kidder as cynical reporter Lois Lane, who makes easy work of being won over by Superman’s inherent charm and goodness, and Gene Hackman gives appropriate maniacal bravado to Superman’s criminal nemesis Lex Luthor.

Emerson’s Picks:

Hotere coverHotere
A documentary where Ralph Hotere (an NZ artist) quietly works, and his friends talk. Merata makes Hotere’s art feel mysterious while keeping the tone relaxing and convivial. The intense jazzy editing and quotes are cool.

Sione’s wedding
Immensely comforting movie. Funny scenes, great soundtrack, and the 2000s Auckland setting is beautiful.

A gruff old man takes a young boy to see his mother. Deadpan and slow but also had me laughing a whole lot. Summer is the best season and I like when people in movies get along for no reason.

New DVDs for Te Awe: Part 2


Here are some new DVDs added to the catalogue over September through to December, available at our CBD Te Awe branch and selected other locations.

New Material:
The offer
Orphan : first kill
Thor. Love and thunder
Vera. Season 11
The forgiven
My adventures with Santa
Doctor Who [2005- ]. Revolution of the Daleks
Fantasy Island. Season one
Master of none. Season 2
Official competition
Alex Rider. Seasons one & two
Diana’s wedding
Gloriavale : New Zealand’s secret cult
Skies of Lebanon
The villa
Whetū mārama = Bright star : Hek Busby – the wayfinder of the Pacific
Helmut Newton : the bad and the beautiful
Bosch & Rockit
Good luck to you, Leo Grande
Bullet train
Full time
Top Gun : Maverick
The young lovers
The Brokenwood mysteries. Series 8
Forgotten we’ll be
Peacemaker. The complete first season
The Flash The complete eighth season
Sweet Tooth. The complete first season
The desperate hour
DMZ. Limited series
The White Lotus. The complete first season
Italy’s uncharted islands
The kitchen brigade
Crimes of the future

The OfferOrphan First KillThor Love and ThunderVera Series ElevenNopeBeastThe ForgivenMy Adventures with SantaDoctor Who Revolution of the DaleksFantasy Island Season OneMaster of None Season 2Official CompetitionAlex Rider Seasons One & TwoDiana's WeddingGloriavale New Zealand's Secret CultSkies of LebanonThe VillaWhetu Marama Bright Star Hek Busby Wayfinder of the PacificHelmut Newton the bad and the beautifulBosch & RockitGood Luck to You Leo GrandeBullet TrainFull TimeTop Gun MaverickThe Brokenwood Mysteries Series 8Forgotten We'll BePeacemaker The Complete First SeasonThe Flash The Complete Eighth SeasonSweet Tooth The Complete First SeasonThe Desperate HourDMZ Complete SeriesThe White Lotus The Complete First SeasonItaly's Uncharted IslandsThe Kitchen BrigadeCrimes Of The Future