What’s My Body Telling Me: New Health Books in the Collection

We have another bumper month of new health books in the collection.  No matter what subject interests you, we’ve got a new health book that can help.  At every stage of life, from pregnancy and birth, through to puberty, into adulthood and for seniors, as well as books covering mental and physical health, there’s something for everyone.  Have a look at these we’ve selected to share…

What’s my body telling me? : your body isn’t the problem. It’s the solution / Todd, Anthea
“In What’s My Body Telling Me? Women’s health expert Dr. Anthea Todd combines her expertise across energetic, functional, and medical fields to give you what you’ve been craving. A simple guide to know how to listen to your body and what to do next – no matter how big or small the symptom. The simple steps to take when your blood tests say there is nothing wrong with you. How to use your body as a guide to never get sucked into a health fad again. Your body has never been the problem, it’s the solution.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

10-minute strength training exercises for seniors : exercises and routines to build muscle, balance, and stamina / Deboo, Ed
” Staying strong and flexible becomes even more important as we age. This guide to exercise for seniors makes it easy to stay in motion with short and simple exercises you can do anytime and anywhere. With clear illustrations alongside step-by-step instructions from licensed physical therapist Ed Deboo, you’ll learn how to build muscle mass, improve bone density, and feel great in only 10 minutes per day. Live longer and stronger with 10-Minute Strength Training Exercises for Seniors.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

4 weeks to better sleep : a life-changing plan for deep sleep, improved brain function and feeling great / Mosley, Michael
“A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy brain and body. So why do so many of us struggle to sleep well? In 4 Weeks to Better Sleep, Dr Michael Mosley explains what happens when we sleep, what triggers common sleep problems and why standard advice rarely works. With new techniques and a revised 4-week sleep programme to help you sleep faster and better.” (Catalogue)

The big book of pregnancy nutrition : everything expectant moms need to know for a happy, healthy nine months & beyond / Middleberg, Stephanie
“When you found out you were pregnant, you were probably given a long list of things you were no longer ‘supposed’ to do. But what you really need is a practical guide to all the things you can do to feel as empowered and strong as possible. This one-of-a-kind resource covers everything from prenatal vitamins and supplements to foods that alleviate constipation and heartburn to preparing for your glucose test and what to cook and freeze before the baby comes.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Self-care for autistic people : 100+ ways to recharge, de-stress, and unmask / Neff, Megan Anna
“Self-Care for Autistic People can help you engage in some neurodivergent self-care-without pretending to be neurotypical. You’ll find more than 100 activities that help you accept yourself, destigmatize autism, find your community, and take care of your physical and mental health. You’ll find solutions for managing the challenging aspects of autism, as well as ideas to bring out the many positive aspects.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

All in her head : how gender bias harms women’s mental health / Pratt, Misty
“Why are so many women feeling anxious, stressed out, and depressed, and why are they not getting the help they need? Over the past decade, mood disorders have skyrocketed among women, who are twice as likely to be diagnosed as men. Yet in a healthcare system steeped in gender bias, women’s complaints are often dismissed, their normal emotions are pathologized, and treatments routinely fail to address the root causes of their distress. Armed with the latest science, insight from those who have been through the therapeutic system, and enough humor to lighten the load, All in Her Head provides women with hope and courage to reframe and reclaim their mental health.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The pain project : a couple’s story of confronting chronic pain / Stanley, Kara
“Ten years after her husband’s catastrophic injury, author Kara Stanley embarks with him on a journey to understand his chronic pain and find pathways into joy and relief. Throughout, they seek answers to profound questions about the nature of suffering and pain: Is it helpful to conceptualize pain as a disease, or not? What does it mean to understand that pain is always a creation of the brain? What is the difference between healing and curing? Is healing still possible even when all-better is not an option?” (Catalogue)

Eating disorders don’t discriminate : stories of illness, hope and recovery from diverse voices
“Every story of living with an eating disorder is unique. Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate brings together thirty-one of them, each tackling the stereotypes and misconceptions about what eating disorders look like and who they impact. Athletes, activists, directors, models, health professionals, and more share their experiences of eating disorders, including binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, ARFID and OSFED, and highlight the complexities of how race, gender, culture and social media can influence our experiences of body and food.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

All you need is rhythm & grit : how to run now — for health, joy, and a body that loves you back / Wharton-Malcolm, Cory
“An infectiously positive and inclusive guide to running from everyone’s favorite Apple Fitness+ and Nike trainer, coach Cory Wharton-Malcolm. Think running isn’t for you? Cory Wharton-Malcolm challenges this idea head-on with this joyful love letter to running and a motivational guide for everyone. Advocating running as an inclusive and community-focused activity, Cory shows us how to celebrate the incredible mind-body connection by getting your sneakers on and starting your running journey from the couch to the end of the road and beyond.” (Catalogue)

This is so awkward : modern puberty explained / Natterson, Cara
“Almost everything about puberty has changed since today’s adults went through it. It starts, on average, two years earlier and stretches through high school… and for some, beyond. Gens Z and Alpha are also contending with a whole host of thorny issues that parents didn’t experience in their own youth but nonetheless need to understand: everything from social media and easy-access pornography to gender identities and new or newly-potent drugs. Invaluable commentary straight from young adults just out the other side of adolescence that highlights what they wish the adults in their lives had known or done differently. Eye-opening and reassuring, This Is So Awkward will help adults understand the turbulent pubescent decade and become confident guides for today’s kids.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

For more new books in the collection, go to: What’s new / June 2024 (wcl.govt.nz)

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