People sharing a book, with a cup of tea and plate of biscuits visible on the table in front

Pānui Tahi (Shared Reading) sessions at Te Awe with The Reading Revolution

Not your average book group! Launching at Te Awe Library on June 18 and running monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 10am, our Pānui Tahi (Shared Reading) sessions are small, friendly reading sessions where we experience the fun of ‘Shared Reading’ and enjoy short stories and poetry read aloud over a cuppa. Everything provided. Everyone welcome!

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Developed by The Reader Organisation UK, ‘Shared Reading’ is a movement that aims to break down barriers between people and literature, create connections and build community. In New Zealand, the wonderful Reading Revolution group trains and facilitates libraries and other organisations to run these groups, aiming to build stronger communities and break isolation by connecting people through reading.

There are pauses for kōrero / discussion about the deeper meanings in the text, and what the group thinks about it, as well as pauses for kawhi and tī / coffee and tea, and pīhikete / biscuits!

People sharing a book, with a cup of tea and plate of biscuits visible on the table in front

Have questions?

What is Pānui Tahi (Shared Reading)?

Well, firstly, it’s not a Book Club!

Shared reading isn’t about what you might already know about literature, nor is it ‘literary criticism.’

It’s people’s personal response to the literature – how their lives and experiences meet and move with the work that’s read aloud.

How it works

  • A group of 8-10 participants, one facilitator and support staff meet in the event space at Te Awe Library on the third Tuesday of every month at 10am.
  • A Pānui Tahi group lasts between 60-90 minutes.
  • All reading materials are read out loud and the materials used will commonly be a short story and a poem or extract from a novel.
  • The facilitator reads and pauses for friendly discussions centred on the text, ensuring each participant feels their contribution is welcome.
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) provided.
  • Participation is voluntary and free!

Through shared reading in our library spaces we hope to create spaces for people to make connections – both with the excerpt we are discussing, and with each other through the text we’re reading.

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