Get Well, Stay Well: New Health Books in the Collection

Whether you’re deep diving into a specific condition or just curious about keeping yourself well in general, we’ve got you covered with this month’s new titles in health.

Get well, stay well : the six healing health habits you need to know / Newman, Gemma
“Six essential health prescriptions distilled into simple and free, daily habits. She has seen radical transformations in her patients, family, and her own health from her open-minded approach to medicine – from chronic headaches to debilitating anxiety. Give yourself the best chance of a healthy, happy life – whatever life throws at you. This is accessible, uplifting, evidence-based advice you can trust.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

“She’ll be right… yeah, nah” : a Kiwi girl’s guide to depression – for your whānau, the bros and your squad / McQuaid, Katie
“Katie McQuaid grew up on the Kāpiti Coast, a small seaside town called Paraparaumu located near the bottom of the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. Her life changed throughout her teenage years without her knowing it and upon reflection later on in life, she realised that she had been living with depression for quite some time. As she came to terms with her diagnosis, Katie details her experiences with confronting this illness head on, how she sought support and what her loved ones did (and didn’t do) that made a difference. It’s okay to not be okay.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The menopause reset : get rid of your symptoms and feel like your younger self again / Pelz, Mindy
“Are you struggling through your menopausal years? You’re not alone. While every woman goes through the inevitable effects of shifting hormones–irritable moods, unexplained anxiety, trouble retrieving words, hot flashes–you do not have to suffer. In fact, nutrition and functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Mindy Pelz has helped thousands of women just like you to reset their health during their turbulent menopausal years.” (Catalogue)

Gut : an owner’s guide / Chiang, Austin
“Gut: An Owner’s Guide is an informative, practical, and engaging introduction to this hidden-away part of the body. We tend only to pay attention to our gut when it tries to tell us something – when it feels uncomfortable or something goes wrong. This myth-busting book focuses on all aspects of gut health so you can steer clear of Dr Google and discover what will make your gut happier and healthier.” (Catalogue)

The healthy hundred : 100 ways to a healthier, happier and longer life / Larkins, Peter A
“The Healthy Hundred unpacks science-backed insights on how and why we age and shares 100 tips and lifestyle choices that can influence your rate of biological aging. Getting older is inevitable. However, today we have an increasing understanding of just how much we can do to slow down the negative impacts of aging – and to prepare for a healthier, happier physical and cognitive future.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Beyond booze : how to create a life you love, alcohol-free / Rusbatch, Sarah
“For decades we have been sold the idea that alcohol is our ‘reward’ at the end of a busy day. Not only do we use it to celebrate and commiserate, but we rely on it to relieve the stress and exhaustion of the daily grind, to help us switch off, switch on, numb emotions, enhance emotions and everything in between. If you’re sick and tired of feeling 5 out of 10 most days and can’t remember when you last felt energised, optimistic or motivated, know that you’re not alone. Packed full of guidance, support and practical tools, Beyond Booze will help you create a life you love so much that you no longer need to drink.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Music and mind : harnessing the arts for health and wellness
“World-renowned soprano and arts/health advocate Renee Fleming curates a collection of essays from leading scientists, creative arts therapists, educators, healthcare providers and artists about the powerful impacts of music and the arts on health and the human experience. With essays from known musicians, writers, and artists, as well as leading neuroscientists, Music and Mind is a groundbreaking book and the perfect introduction and overview of this exciting new field.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

How to eat 30 plants a week / Fearnley-Whittingstall, Hugh
“High’s offering up delicious, easy meals with incredible health benefits, as explained in the brilliant introduction by gut-health guru Tim Spector. 30 plants may seem like a lot, but in Hugh’s expert hands, it’s an easy win. As you rack up the plant count week by week, you’ll feel great, with renewed energy and all the benefits of a boosted microbiome.” (Catalogue)


Dispatches from the land of Alzheimer’s / Gibbs, Daniel
“Daniel Gibbs is a retired neurologist who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2015. This book presents a hopeful and humane collection of essays written over the past two years about his own experience of navigating the disease and advances in research.” (Catalogue)


The devil you knew : the myths around depression, and why your best days are ahead of you / Hickie, Ian
“Informed by internationally renowned psychiatrist Ian Hickie’s 35 years of clinical experience and extensive case studies, The Devil You Knew explores the inner workings of the depressed mind and the myriad influences – environmental, physiological, social – to guide us towards the right diagnosis and offer pathways to healing. He also looks into the latest cutting-edge treatments that are pushing our knowledge of the brain and consciousness, and their influence over the body, into the future.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

A gardener at the end of the world / Kelley, Margot Anne
“In March 2020, Margot Anne Kelley was watching seeds germinate in her greenhouse. At high risk from illness, the planning, planting, and tending to seedlings took on extra significance. She set out to make her pandemic garden thrive but also to better understand the very nature of seeds and viruses. As seeds became seedlings, became plants, became food, Kelley looks back over the last few millennia as successions of pandemics altered human beings and global culture. A Gardener at the End of the World explores questions of what we can preserve-of history, genetic biodiversity, culture, language-and what we cannot. It is for any reader curious about the overlap of nature, science, and history.”(Adapted from Catalogue)

The back fix / Bush, Antony
“The Secret to fixing our back pain lies not within medication, repeat ‘treatments’ or surgery. It lies deeply rooted within our lifestyle, mindset and behaviour – in the way we behave as an animal. Movement is Medicine – it is the missing link – the active ingredient in treating our back pain – whether highly-trained, elite athletes, sedentary office workers or manual labourers. Use movement and mindfulness as a way back to enjoying a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and self-empowered life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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