WCL eBook Club celebrates ComicFest 2024

The Observologist on Libby

One of the most popular non-fiction books recently is The Observologist by artist and writer Giselle Clarkson, a captivating book that has quickly become a firm favourite of children and adults alike. It has continued to be featured in bestseller lists, both here and abroad, since its release and is one of our most heavily borrowed and reserved titles here at the library.

Giselle Clarkson is coincidently one of the many guests taking part in our celebration of all things comic and graphic related, the extravaganza that is ComicFest 2024! For full details and to reserve your spot at any of the free ComicFest events, including a live panel with The Observologist creator Giselle Clarkson, visit our ComicFest website here.

To celebrate both the book and ComicFest 2024, we are offering access to an unlimited number of downloads of The Observologist as our eBook club pick of the month on Libby, available May 2 – 15.

For free and without any waiting.

Download your copy here through Libby – The Observologist on Libby

That means no waiting in long reserves queues –instant access to our monthly popular pick!

Giselle's self-portraitThe Observologist by artist and writer Giselle Clarkson is a book all about exploring the world of the small and the wonderful. As William Blake would say, the book is about exploring the mysteries of all creation in a grain of sand, and the book has a bucketful of fun as it does this.

The Observologist is a 101 handbook for mounting very small scientific expeditions in and around your home. The book looks at over 100 small creatures, plants, and other living things. Subjects range from slugs, ants, seeds, fungi, flies, bees, and even bird poop.

The book is much more than a list of interesting plants and animals, it is funny, playful, engaging, brilliant and a practical collection of ideas about how to explore and engage with the natural world on your doorstep.

It is a fabulous outdoor boredom-busting book for all ages, but especially for inquisitive minds between 7-11.

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