Create What You Love: New crafts & hobbies books

The autumn vibe is upon us, and what better way to celebrate this new season’s changing foliage to bright reds, oranges, and yellows than starting with nifty creative projects to keep your hands busy and your creative heart happy?

Say goodbye to fast fashion, and hello to ultimate dressmaking projects!  Inside these month’s sewing books are pattern sheets that suit every skill level, from amateur sewers needing a gentle introduction to experienced ones ready for challenging dresses with pleats and details. For avid yarn crafters, author Emma Wright shows how fun it is to CIY (Crochet-It-Yourself) with style while including your creative touch. Or why not go retro? Retro Girl Embroidery by Erin Essiambre will bring all those nostalgic 70s feels while spicing up any living space. Other April titles include Catherine Legrand’s ode to patchwork. With over 300 stunning photographs, every page of Patchwork: A world tour is an inspiration to every fabric fan and artist around. So, whatever your crafting tools are, from knitting needles to a handy little wooden flower press, take a deep breath and treat yourself to these inspiring makes!

How to sew clothes : learn with intuitive, super-hackable patterns / Greenhall, Amelia
“How to Sew Clothes will help you start from scratch or reignite your excitement for sewing-so you can make clothes that are personal, well-fitted, and versatile.” (Catalogue)



A year of sewing with Nani Iro : 18 patterns to make & wear throughout the seasons / Ito, Naomi
“Learn to sew garments that you’ll love and want to wear all throughout the year! Craft a timeless and versatile wardrobe for everyday with Nani Iro, the Japanese fabric brand by artist and textile designer Naomi Ito. In this follow-up to The Nani Iro Sewing Studio, Naomi and her talented atelier present a collection of 18 artful garments that can be enjoyed all year round–simply change the fabric selection or design elements like sleeve length to customize pieces for specific seasons.”–Publisher.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The modern flower press : preserving the beauty of nature / Richardson, Melissa
“A Best Floristry Book of 2022, Gardens Illustrated A contemporary, beautifully illustrated book on flowers, flower pressing and arranging. ‘A delight, packed with stories about the flowers JamJar Flowers work with, as well as practical information’ House & Garden” (Catalogue)


CIY [crochet-it-yourself] : 15 modern crochet designs to stitch and wear / Wright, Emma
“With 15 beautiful designs, CIY: Crochet-It-Yourself takes you through all the steps and techniques that you need to master and refine your crochet skills. In this fresh and modern guide to crochet, Emma Wright shows you how to create your own stylish crochet collection. Once you have mastered the basics, Emma will show you how to confidently play with colour and pattern to make clothes that suit you style and add your own creative flair to.”–Publisher’s description.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Retro girl embroidery : 20 vintage patterns inspired by the 1970s / Essiambre, Erin
“Far-Out Fiber Art to Celebrate the ’70s. From fringe and bell-bottoms to funky patterns and florals, fill your embroidery hoop with the iconic style of the 1970s! Erin Essiambre, renowned fiber artist and creator of Salt Water Stitches, combines her love of the disco decade with her passion for stitching in these 20 unique embroidery projects inspired by the folksy vogue of the ’70s era. Complete with warm desert shades, celestial scenes and peaceful affirmations, these magical designs will instantly add a pop of vintage flair to your walls. Show off the boho outfits of the famous Retro Girls! ” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Patchwork : a world tour / Legrand, Catherine
“What do Korean bojagi wrapping cloths, Cameroonian Bamileke boubous, Peruvian montera hats and Hungarian cifraszür shepherd cloaks have in common? Each is made using the ancient technique of patchwork the art of juxtaposing fabrics and motifs to create blankets, clothes, accessories and more. Catherine Legrand, who has spent many years travelling and researching textiles, has a deep knowledge of the techniques and traditions that characterize patchwork. Pieced together much like the gorgeous textiles it portrays, her beautifully illustrated book features over 300 dazzling photographs of patchwork worldwide. ” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The quilted home handbook : transform your space with the art of quilting / Chow, Wendy
“Perfect for beginners and experienced quilters alike, this quilting book features simple illustrations and easy-to-follow steps that teach you how to make 15+ beautiful quilt projects for around your home, including everything from placemats to a throw pillow to a matching bed quilt and pillow shams”– Provided by publisher.” (Catalogue)