Sneak peek of a Kurapae title - Māori Made Easy, by Scotty Morrison

Introducing our brand new Kurapae collection

Are you tired of waiting in long reserve queues for the most popular, sought-after books? Our new Kurapae collection, launching Tuesday 28 February, may be the answer for you — read more below! The word “Kurapae” is te reo Māori and translates as “Treasure found by chance.”

Kurapae webpage - 'Treasure found by chance'

What is it?

Sneak peek of a Kurapae title - Māori Made Easy, by Scotty Morrison

Sneak peek of some Kurapae titles!

The Kurapae collection consists of highly in-demand book titles. These are some of the hottest, most talked about, most wanted books around — the kind of titles that you might not normally chance upon when browsing because they have long wait lists; the kind of titles you would normally have to reserve.

This new collection is our replacement for the old Bestseller collection, only these titles are free to borrow!

How does this new service work?

  • You can borrow a maximum of two Kurapae titles at a time for two weeks
  • Kurapae titles cannot be reserved — they are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Kurapae titles cannot be renewed
  • As mentioned above, Kurapae titles are free to borrow!

Borrowed a Kurapae copy but have an existing reserve?

If you have an existing reserve on one of these popular titles and you have borrowed a Kurapae copy, then please ask one of our friendly librarians about cancelling your existing reserve. Alternatively you can view your library account online (or via the WCL Mini app) and cancel the reserve, or you can email us at This both frees up the item for other patrons in the queue, and avoids a non-collection charge for a book you have read! (Please return the items on time so other patrons can enjoy these titles too!)

Where can I find this new collection?

The Kurapae collection is located in five branch libraries:

Please note: Kurapae titles cannot be reserved or moved to another library for pick-up.

Just to give you a flavour of the treasures in store here are some photos of some more Kurapae titles: