Colour studies: Recent design books

Here are some of our recent design related books! This month we’ve got a strong focus on creating a happy and space efficient living space, as well as a look into the history of architecture and the modern trend of illustrators becoming tattoo artists.

Some of these items are on order, so they aren’t on the shelf yet. Reserve them today to be one of the first to read them!

Design Happy : Colorful Homes for the Modern Family / Wentz, Betsy
“In her first book, interior designer Betsy Wentz shares 13 fabulous family homes. The book is really a practical design guide for anyone who may not want–or simply cannot afford–to hire an interior designer. The story of each home includes color studies, design lessons, and pro tips, plus plenty of practical advice for anyone who might face similar challenges.” (Catalogue)

Houseplants and design : a New Zealand guide / Carlson, Liz
“Houseplants have never been hotter. They have the power to instantly turn a house into a home and to create a feeling of peace and calm, transforming both your physical space and your headspace. Bringing nature inside is a simple way to maintain a connection to the outdoors.” (Adapted from Catalogue)


New Tattoo Artists : Illustrators and Designers Meet Tattoo / Cortes, Mariona Cabassa (EDT)
“Artists from disciplines commonly seen as far removed from tattooing embrace it with a different look and approach. Artists from graphic design, photography, illustration, painting and sculpture have found in tattooing a new tool to express themselves and give way to their distinctive language. And they do it with a fresh look and extraordinary results…” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Tiny Living Spaces : Innovative Design Solutions / Baker, Lisa
“Exciting and surprising approaches of how living spaces reduced to a minimum can enhance the quality of life to a maximum The trend towards the Tiny House – and also the Micro Flat – is more than just a short-term hype. It is an attitude towards life, a contemplation on the essentials to which more and more people are attracted.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Living Wild: How to Plant Style Your Home and Cultivate Happiness / Carter, Hilton
“In Living Wild, bestselling ‘plantfluencer’, author, designer and family man Hilton Carter explores multiple ways to style your home with plants – and cultivate happiness along the way.” (Catalogue)


The Story of Architecture / Rybczynski, Witold
“An inviting exploration of architecture across cultures and centuries by one of the field’s eminent authors” (Catalogue)


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