Bespoke, Raw & Sensory: new interior design books

Amidst the mayhem of the holiday season, find solace in your home by implementing small yet impactful changes to your interiors. From simple updates in fabrics or upholstery, to complex floor-to-ceiling statement wallpapering projects, there’s a balance of trends and timeless tricks in these new interior design books to satisfy any and all of your home-improvement urges. Whether you fancy living like a Parisian designer, or have the urge to create a naturally wild escape in your living room, find your perfect balance between style and design in these interiors offerings, to freshen up your home this summer.

Inside : at home with great designers / Freund, Joan Barzilay
“The homes of interior designers are the places where all the knowledge and decorating expertise they have perfected can be seen in their fullest expression. Inside: At Home with Great Designers is a private tour of the homes of sixty of the most talented and accomplished creatives working in the design world today. This revelatory book allows us unique insight into how and where designers live and showcases an inspiring and aspirational kaleidoscope of homes around the world.” (Catalogue)

Steven Volpe : rooms / Volpe, Steven
“The first book on the work of Steven Volpe, a designer acclaimed for his grand-scale, bespoke interiors and his impeccable craftsmanship. Volpe is king of blurring the line between art and furnishings, to create truly unique and flawless designs.” (Adapted from Catalogue)



Americana soul : homes designed with love, comfort, and intention / Caldwell, Luke
“Caldwell shares his secrets for creating timeless and organic spaces that are warm, inviting, livable, and beautiful. Organized by design style—Timber and Love, Natural and Organic, and Classic and Cozy—this book is filled with photography that showcases the bones and flow of the spaces as well as the details that make them unique.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

More more more : making Maximalism work in your home and life / Llewelyn-Bowen, Laurence
“This book will allow you to break free of the chains of twentieth-century modernist orthodoxy. With a promise of bright, densely curated rooms where personal treasures, heirlooms, family photos, and travel trinkets can all live free and loved under a maximalist sun!” (Adapted from Catalogue) 


Raw interiors : in the mood of Wabi-Sabi style
“Japanese minimalism stands at the core of Wabi Sabi, both a world view and aesthetic based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. In recent years this has fueled the desire for raw interiors, modern spaces that soothe the soul with their beautiful simplicity and eclectic decor. This book features international projects that exemplify this modern approach to Wabi Sabi, featuring some of the most influential architects and interior designers in the world.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The sensory home : an inspiring guide to mindful decorating / Jameson, Pippa
“Embrace mindful decorating and create a comfortable home that is kind to your senses and improves your wellbeing. Layout, colour, texture, scent, lighting and more can be used to create a calming or stimulating environment, including for neurodiverse individuals. This book offers hints and tips as well as long-term solutions to bring your vision of a warm, inviting and harmonious home to life.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Parisian by design : interiors by David Jimenez / Saeks, Diane Dorrans
“Interior designer David Jimenez has lived and worked in Paris for years, where he’s celebrated for his beautifully livable interiors. In these pages, Jimenez imparts ideas and inspiration for how we can design our own space for comfort and style, layer with textures and colors, and artfully arrange collections of art, collectibles, and books. A dream for Francophiles or anyone looking to artfully decorate their home, wherever they live.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Books do furnish a room : display, organize, store / Geddes-Brown, Leslie
“A collection of books affords not only access to endless pleasure and knowledge, but also, when skillfully deployed around the home, the opportunity to create a multitude of decorative impressions, whether classically formal, strikingly colourful or apparently artless. In this beautifully illustrated guide there’s inspirational and practical ideas that will inspire all bibliophiles to get the best from their beloved books.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Nature style : cultivating wellbeing at home with plants / Langan, Alana
“A practical guide to styling the home for health and harmony, using nature as a blueprint. With advice on styling houseplants as well as pro-tips on decor and materials. For those who seek to create a natural home, where houseplants are heroes.” (Adapted from Catalogue)