The Great Libby Magazine Showcase


For November, we’re focusing on the amazing eMagazines you can find in the Libby collection. Running from the 14th to the 27th, if you visit the Libby homepage you’ll see a different featured eMagazine chosen from a selection handpicked by us! Keep reading for a look into the selection we have on offer, as well as news about a great new Libby feature. 

Ready to dive into the collection? Browse our eMagazine collection here.

Within Libby there’s thousands of eMagazines available to borrow, all for free, and they can be read in your browser or downloaded to your device to read offline. As well as containing perennial favourites The NZ Listener, Guardian Weekly and the Woman’s Weekly, the collection covers a diverse range of topics like gardening, pets, trains and art. They come from publishers all over the world and are available to read in lots of languages: for example, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Arabic.

Titles are searchable from within your Libby app or their website, and if you check out the magazine guide on the homepage you’ll find plenty of curated subject lists to help you discover new and interesting magazines to read! Most magazines come with about two years’ worth of back issues, so there’s lots of content to choose from and there’s no limit on the amount you can take out.

Issues can be borrowed in the same way you would borrow an eBook. Simply select the issue you want and click on the borrow icon. eMagazines are loaned for 21 days, and they return automatically when that time is up – just like eBooks!

One great feature is the ‘Notify Me’ tag, which allows you to subscribe to the eMagazines you read regularly. When there’s a new issue available, Libby will notify you with an app notification or an email.
This will take you to the new issue, for you to borrow in the same way you normally would. ‘Notify Me’ can be found when you borrow a magazine, it pops up under the chosen issue. Just click on that and you’re subscribed! Your subscriptions are viewable in your Libby bookshelf.