Positively blooming: New Springtime gardening reads

Take full advantage of the longer, warmer and sunnier Spring days we are currently enjoying by maximising your outdoor time. Gardening provides a vast array of positive health effects including gentle exercise, intellectual stimulation and therapeutic benefits, whilst also encouraging better rest and relaxation. Enjoy these newly released green-fingered reads, that include gorgeous photographic explorations of famous gardens around the globe, a DIY insect and birdhouse guide, and the story of an extinct plant that was recently re-grown from a 2,000 year old saved seed. There’s bloomingly good backyard inspiration to be discovered! 

Wild gardens : inspired by nature / Mahon, Stephanie
“A celebration of a beloved and unique garden style. The wild garden’s abundant, informal style, a mosaic of wildflowers and shrubs, is a haven that encourages wildlife to live and flourish. This book explores everything from wildflower meadows to woodland gardens and includes gems of practical advice on bringing elements into your own garden, including key techniques for rewilding.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

With nature : garden design by Fiona Brockhoff / Brockhoff, Fiona
“In this beautifully photographed book, Fiona Brockhoff takes us through her gardens in Australia – some never before seen – with tips, design guidance and inspiration to help you create your own sustainable, naturalistic and wholistic gardens. From small-space inner-city gardens to coastal and rural properties, Fiona Brockhoff’s name has become synonymous with environmentally sustainable garden design in Australia.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Gardens of the world : a celebration of the world’s most amazing gardens
“Explore the world’s most stunning gardens and gain expert knowledge that you can use in your own green space. Illustrated with inspiring photography and full of fascinating insights from expert gardeners. From the intricately planned and carefully curated to surrealist jungle dreamlands, these gardens prove that green-fingered ingenuity comes in many forms and thrives in even the most unlikely of locations.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Amazing gardens of the world : spectacular classic & contemporary gardens / Hambly, Vivienne
“Featuring the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, Beatrix Potter’s garden in the Lake District, Monet’s garden in France, and the Tivoli Gardens in Rome. This book celebrates of all types of gardens around the globe and the fascinating stories behind them.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Handmade houses and feeders for birds, bees, and butterflies : 35 havens for wildlife in your garden / McKee-Orsini, Michele
“These handmade birdhouses and feeders, bee hotels, and butterfly and ladybug homes will bring welcome visitors to your backyard.  Featuring an array of beautiful havens to build to attract more wildlife into your backyard. This book takes you through the basic woodworking and decorating skills you will need, with step-by-step project instructions, clear artwork, and stunning photography to inspire you to build your own backyard havens.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Food self-sufficiency : basic permaculture techniques for vegetable gardening, keeping chickens, raising bees, and more / Elger, Robert
“In this fully illustrated book, you’ll learn to create an autonomous, diversified, and sustainable backyard garden and to cultivate and maintain it following the main principles of permaculture. This book will inspire and guide you to move towards greater food autonomy, where you can grow grains, keep chickens, and add beehives to your garden.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The age of seeds : how plants hack time and why our future depends on it / McMillan-Webster, Fiona
“When a 2000-year-old extinct date palm seed was discovered, no one expected it to still be alive. But it sprouted a healthy young date palm. That seeds produced millennia ago could still be viable today suggests seeds are capable of extreme lifespans. Yet many seeds, including those crucial to our everyday lives, don’t live very long at all. In The Age of Seeds Fiona McMillan-Webster tells the astonishing story of seed longevity, the crucial role they play in our everyday lives, and what that might mean for our future.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

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