How we make: New design books

This month, peek behind the veil of the work of artists and designers, analysing the cogs and wheels in order to better understand the work itself. Sometimes you have to pull something apart and look at the pieces to understand the whole.

Things we create / Brechensbauer, Axel
“We all live in a world of objects, yet we rarely stop to think about how and why they came to exist, why they look and feel the way they do, what shapes our preferences, or why we own and use the things we do. Told with visual verve, wit, humor, and above all, clarity, Things We Create is both a history of and a metaphysical study of physical objects — all the stuff we buy, we collect, we need, we want” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Deviant design : the ad hoc, the illicit, the controversial / Martin, Craig
“Craig Martin addresses the transgressive or deviant aspects of design: design that straddles the divide between the licit and illicit, the legal and illegal in a variety of ways. Deviant Design contends that these amateur and illicit practices challenge the normative idea of the professional designer or maker” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Design for how people think : using brain science to build better products / Whalen, John
“User experience doesn’t happen on a screen; it happens in the mind, and the experience is multidimensional and multisensory. This practical book will help you uncover critical insights about how your customers think so you can create products or services with an exceptional experience.  Learn how to immediately apply what you’ve learned to improve your products and services Explore practical examples of how the Fortune 100 used this system to build highly successful experiences” (Adapted from Catalogue)

The art museum in modern times / Saumarez Smith, Charles
“The National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery and the Royal Academy all saw either radical architectural interventions or rethinks of their mission under Charles Saumarez Smith’s leadership, making him uniquely qualified to explore the ways in which art museums have changed over the past century and examine where they might be headed in the future.  While museums used to be invariably in city centres, they may now be in remote locations, destinations of cultural pilgrimage.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

From the sculptor’s studio : conversations with twenty seminal artists / Cole, Ina
“20 of the most influential contemporary sculptors talk candidly about their work.  From the Sculptor’s Studio is a unique collection of personal conversations with 20 seminal artists, each of whom have created iconic work, exhibited worldwide, and pushed past the boundaries of sculpting in their own way.” (Adapted from Catalogue)

Overdrive cover A Modern Way to Live, Matt Gibberd (ebook) In this lavishly illustrated book, Matt tells the stories of these remarkable living spaces and their equally remarkable owners, and demonstrates how the five principles can be applied to your own space in ways both large and small. Revolutionary in its simplicity, and full of elegance, humour and joy, this book will inspire you to find happiness in the place you call home.
(Adapted from Overdrive description)

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