Science can be artful

Beads, flowers, patterns; don’t be mistaken by the book covers, these are science books. From the microscope to the telescope, and from feathers to unhatched; these hand picked books provide a new perspective for discovering the art in science. 

The book of eggs : a lifesize guide to the eggs of six hundred of the world’s bird species / Hauber, Mark E.
“This book introduces eggs from six hundred species – some endangered or extinct – from around the world and housed mostly at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. Organized by habitat and taxonomy, the entries include photographs of each egg in full colour and at actual size, as well as distribution maps and drawings and descriptions of the birds and their nests where the eggs are kept warm.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Jellyfish : a natural history / Gershwin, Lisa-Ann
“Jellyfish are mysterious creatures, luminously beautiful with remarkably varied life cycles. These simple, ancient animals are found in every ocean at every depth, and have lived on Earth for at least the last 500 million years. Ominously, they are also increasing in number as they adapt well to marine environmental degradation. This book looks at their anatomy, life history, taxonomy and ecology, and includes species profiles featuring stunning marine photography.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Science is beautiful : botanical life : under the microscope / Salter, Colin
“This stunning collection unearths exquisite photographs of flowers, trees, and grasses, all made possible by the electron microscope. Whether it’s the work of a lavender leaf oil gland, the inside of a pine pollen, flower stamen sculptures deep inside a tree bark, or the wonderful patterns of lichen, each image is an eye opening combination of art and science.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Pearls : a natural history
“Based on an exhibition mounted by the American Museum of Natural History in New York and The Field Museum in Chicago, Pearls combines science, history, and beautiful objects both natural and crafted. The authors draw on their varied disciplines to explore all aspects of pearls – biology, gemology, anthropology, mineralogy, ecology, and the decorative arts. Rich with new color photography and archival images, Pearls: A Natural History chronicles this enduring obsession. ” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

Capturing the universe : the most spectacular astrophotography from across the cosmos / Evans, Rhodri
“The very best images captured by the new generation of terrestrial telescopes, orbiting telescopes and deep-space probes and landers have been collected in this magnificent volume.  From the world’s gigantic telescopes in the Canary Islands, Hawaii and Chile to the New Horizons probe now heading into the Kuiper Belt to examine other icy mini-worlds, each page reveals extraordinary images that take us deeper into our universe.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)

As kingfishers catch fire : birds & books / Preston, Alex
“Preston created his own personal anthology of nature writing. Moving from the ‘high requiem’ of Keats’s nightingale to the crow-strewn sky at the end of Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, from Ted Hughes’s brooding ‘Hawk in the Rain’ to the giddy anthropomorphism of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, this is a book that will make you look at birds, at the world, in a newer, richer light. Beautifully illustrated and illuminated by the celebrated graphic artist Neil Gower.” (Adapted from the Catalogue)





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