ComicFest 2022: New Voices, New Perspectives

Now that the dust has settled on ComicFest 2022, we can settle back and reflect on what was a fabulous, immersive, and truly memorable online celebration of all thing’s comics in New Zealand. What a blast the day was!

If you missed any of the day, or indeed just want to enjoy watching something again, have no fear! We have seven of the segments from the day available to re-watch at any time you wish, simply follow this link to our YouTube playlist.

One of our many highlights was our New Voices, New Perspectives  Panel Discussion featuring some of the New Zealand artists at the vanguard of these changes – Mary Guo, Tara Black, Jem Yoshioka, and Sam Orchard.

The world of graphic art is changing at an amazingly rapid pace — a veritable revolution has been happening in recent years. Developments have included: new definitions of what comprises a graphic work, new platforms with global reach for people to view your work and new high-tech tools to create your works. Our fabulous panel discuss the new opportunities for artists, the challenges inherent in these changes, and — finally — how artists go about taking full advantage of these new frontiers.

You can watch this panel by clicking into the link below.