ComicFest 2022: How to draw heroes with Michel Mulipola

Now that the dust has settled on ComicFest 2022, we can settle back and reflect on what was a fabulous, immersive and truly memorable online celebration of all thing’s comics in New Zealand. What a blast the day was!

If you missed any of the day, or indeed just want to enjoy watching something again, have no fear! We have seven of the segments from the day available to re-watch at any time you wish, simply follow this link to our YouTube playlist.

Here we have How to draw hero’s masterclass with Michel Mulipola, a masterclass on comic hero creation from one of the most accomplished figures in the New Zealand / Aotearoa scene. In short, gold dust for anyone interested in creating their own heroes from one of the acknowledged experts.

A comic book illustrator and professional wrestler, Auckland-based Mulipola is a self-taught award-winning artist who has produced illustrations for Learning Media, Lift Education, Reading Warrior and independent US graphic novel series Headlocked. An advocate for comic drawing and creative expression, Mulipola is keen to inspire young talent through regularly visiting schools and running workshops. In 2020 Mulipola published O Le Aiga Samoa with Nafanuatele Lafitaga Mafaufau, the first-ever Samoan language comic book.


Twitter: @bloodysamoan

Instagram: @bloodysamoanart

To watch just click on the link below or visit our Comic Fest 2022 channel by clicking HERE.