ComicFest 2022: Weekly webcomics with Jem Yoshioka

Now that the dust has settled on ComicFest 2022, we can settle back and reflect on what was a fabulous, immersive and truly memorable online celebration of all thing’s comics in New Zealand. What a blast the day was!

If you missed any of the day, or indeed just want to enjoy watching something again, have no fear! We have seven of the segments from the day available to re-watch at any time you wish, simply follow this link to our YouTube playlist.

Here is a webcomics masterclass from the awesome Jem Yoshioka. It is a fabulous talk, covering everything you need to know about webcomic creation from one giants of the scene. A delightful, easy to understand and in-depth presentation.

Jem’s current webcomic, Folk Remedy, is a queer fantasy inspired by Taisho era Japan, folktales and monsters called Yokai. Jem’s previous webcomic, a sci-fi romance called  Circuits and Veins, was completed in 2020, reaching 92,000 subscribers and still attracts tens of thousands of readers a month.


Twitter: @jemyoshioka

Instagram: @jemyoshioka


To watch just click on the link below or visit our Comic Fest 2022 channel by clicking HERE.