Creativity, belonging and empathy: New personal development books

Build up your empathy muscle, read about the power of connecting with others and learn how to break away from routine and become the person you want to be — have a browse of recent additions to our personal development books!

Inspired : understanding creativity : a journey through art, science, and the soul / Richtel, Matt
“From the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times science reporter acclaimed for “bring[ing] scientific concepts to life” (Bill Gates), a pathbreaking new investigation into the mysteries of human creativity.” (Publisher)

A sense of belonging : how to find your place in a fractured world / Liang, Holan
“A sense of belonging – being liked, understood, accepted for who we are – is vital for our mental health. Whether it is fitting in at school, struggling to connect with colleagues in a new job, or just feeling out of place in our own family, we all, at various stages in our lives, find ourselves questioning our identity. For Dr Holan Liang, one of the UK’s foremost psychiatrists, this crisis of identity cuts right to the heart of the modern epidemic of anxiety and depression. In this ground-breaking book, she draws on her own experience as an immigrant to the UK, and on 20 years of caring for patients suffering from a range of mental health conditions, from depression and anxiety to ADHD and anorexia, to explore a radical new perspective on mental health.” (Catalogue)

Tell me more about that : solving the empathy crisis one conversation at a time / Volpe, Rob
“Empathy is in short supply these days–and it’s hurting us. But all is not lost. Just as physical workouts strengthen your body, there are ways to build up your empathy as well. In Tell Me More About That, brand strategist and thought leader Rob Volpe draws on his years conducting thousands of in-home interviews with everyday people to illustrate the 5 Steps to Empathy–the actions you can take to build a strong and reflexive empathy muscle”– Provided by publisher.” (Catalogue)

Future you / Valintine, Frances
“What does it take to go from imagining a different life to creating one? Entrepreneur and educator Frances Valintine has spent her life trying to untangle why some people don’t embrace change even when they know their future depends on it. Future You shares insights from Frances’s own extraordinary career to show how breaking away from expectation and routine is integral to living a full and successful life. Frances inspires and empowers readers to make bold self-discoveries: to take risks, step off the conveyor belt, open your heart to chance, overcome self-doubt, foster generosity, pass less judgement, think originally, and lead with possibility. Your brain has an incredible power to get you to where you want to be. Your role is to let your brain know the destination, and to be brave enough to begin your future now.” (Catalogue)

12 notes : on life and creativity / Jones, Quincy
“Wisdom and musings on creativity and life from one of the world’s most beloved musicians, producers, and mentors, Quincy Jones’ 12 Notes is a self-development guide that will affirm that creativity is a calling that can and should be answered, no matter your age or experience. … Weaving his story throughout, Jones lets readers in on his own creative process, as well as the importance of letting honesty, hard work, and good relationships drive your career.” (Catalogue)