Next steps on proposal for removing overdue library fines

You would have heard the great news that we are proposing to remove fines for overdue library items from 1 July 2022 in the upcoming draft Annual Plan. There are a few steps to take before this may become a reality.

Step one – gaining audit approval
We are updating the draft Annual Plan to reflect this change with the updated revenue figures (to remove the current and projected overdue fines) which then goes to external auditors for approval. If they approve the draft 2022/23 Annual Plan we go to step two…asking the public for their views!

Step two – consult with the public
Between Friday 1 April to Monday 2 May we will asking people for their views on the fine removal, and a range of other changes proposed in the draft Annual Plan. We will share information about how you can do this through both the Libraries and Council channels before the consultation process opens.

Step three – Annual Plan is confirmed
We will provide any feedback to Council who will consider this proposal, alongside others and then confirm what will or won’t be included 2022/23 Annual Plan.

If the proposal to remove overdues fines is adopted:

  • no overdue fines would be charged from 1 July 2022 onwards
  • we would wipe any outstanding overdue fines on peoples’ library cards as at 30 June 2022. This would not cover:
    • any debt which has been sent to an external debt collector
    • borrowing fees, such as hiring Bestseller items or DVDs/CDs, which would still apply.
  • we would continue to send reminders to people to return items that are due or overdue.
  • library cards would continue to be blocked once items have been overdue well past the due date.
  • to continue using your card between now and 1 July 2022, please pay any fines, otherwise your card will be blocked according to current criteria (if you owe over $50).

How to have your say on the proposal
We will share information about how you can do this through both our Libraries and Council social media and websites prior to and during the consultation process opening. We expect this will be towards late March as the consultation process runs from  Friday 1 April to Monday 2 May.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can call us on (04) 801 4040 or email