Wheel of Time: A Tourist’s Guide

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Introducing your new favourite holiday destination!

With its vast cities, towering mountains and rich tapestry of cultures, Randland (home to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series) is a holiday destination that has something for everyone!

Feeling intrepid? Why not take a hike in the Mountains of Mist, or learn martial arts with the Aiel? If history is more your thing, you can take a trip to the famous Whitebridge, or even the spires of Tar Valon. And if all this sounds like too much work, don’t worry–there’s always the rich culinary scene of Cairhien and the fireworks at Tanchico.

Don’t believe us? Check out our highlights below and see why this once volatile (some would say apocalyptic) region is quickly becoming a go-to destination for travel influencers. And with direct flights into Caemlyn, Illian and Tar Valon, access is surprisingly easy. We’ll see you there!


Described as “one of the most beautiful cities in the land”, Caemlyn is a destination on many people’s bucket lists. Chief among the city’s attractions is its architecture, especially the Ogier-built Inner City. Be prepared to take many, many pictures of glittering white towers and domes, as well as the majestic Royal Palace. Other opportunities for photos can be found at the underground aquifer and the Origan Gate.

What to see:

Royal Palace of Andor: Located at the very centre of Caemlyn, the Royal Palace is not currently open to the public (and, in fact, unauthorised attempts to gain access will almost certainly lead to a slow, agonising death). However, if you do manage to find your way inside, be sure to check out the golden paws on the Lion Throne!

Where to stay

The Queen’s Blessing: This gastro pub is a smart choice for anyone new to the city. Be sure to make use of its excellent library and private rooms, and don’t forget to have a chat to its innkeeper, Basel Gill. A word of warning: Caemlyn residents are highly political, so be wary of wearing the colours red or white unless you understand the specific associations.

What to buy:

Candle Street: If you’re looking for a trinket to take home to loved ones, be sure to stop off at the numerous ointment shops that line Candle Street in the New City. Once a less reputable part of Caemlyn, Candle Street is rapidly gentrifying, with quality flat whites available at most caf├ęs.

Great Blight

To describe the Great Blight as dry and lifeless would be a generous–and not entirely accurate–description. In fact, the Great Blight is less of a region and more of an infection of the land beneath it–the geographical equivalent of an un-healing wound. This description alone should be enough to put off the majority of potential visitors, but for those determined dark tourists, read on.

What to see:

Shayol Ghul: Once a tropical paradise, Shayol Ghul is now a dark and corrupted mountain–and the centre of the Dark One’s power. Although most would struggle to see Shayol Ghul and survive, its heady peak is highly Instagram-able. To reach it, simply cross the Mountains of Dhoom and continue north-east.

Where to stay:

Camping: While accommodation is available in the vaguely-named–and highly dangerous–settlement known as the Town, tourists would be better to avoid this location at all costs. Instead, they will need to rely on camping equipment. (Note: campers should be on guard for strangling sticks, infected trees and jumara.)

Where to eat:

Provisions: There are no renowned restaurants in the Great Blight, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own provisions if deciding to visit. With fauna including Trollocs, Myrddraal and multi-legged bears, a tourist’s prime consideration should in fact be not getting eaten themselves.


Tel’aran’rhiod, also known as the World of Dreams and the Unseen World, has only recently opened up its borders to tourism, but already it has overtaken Illian to become this summer’s most fashionable destination. Be warned, though: Tel’aran’rhiod is no ordinary holiday spot. With its infinite web of realities and highly malleable geography, it can be easy to be overwhelmed, and novice travellers are highly encouraged to bring a guide.

What to see:

Your Imagination: One of the biggest drawcards of the World of Dreams is the ability to create whatever space, object or creature you want, simply by imagining it. While this allows for virtually unlimited options, there have been reports of inappropriate imaginings by some individuals.

How to get there:

Fall Asleep: Getting to Tel’aran’rhiod can be as simple as closing your eyes, and most people have brushed against it at least once in their life. However, for full access the help of Dreamwalker is usually required. (Please note: travel via dream-gates has been discontinued by accredited travel agents due to long term damage to individuals’ souls.)

Meet the locals:

Heroes of the Wheel: A select few visitors to Tel’aran’rhiod have encountered the so-called “Heroes of the Wheel”. While these individuals are known for their heroic actions in previous ages of history, it’s important to remember that this does not necessarily mean they want to talk to you. Avoid misunderstandings–and flesh wounds–by giving them a wide berth.