Talk and draw with Tara Black in discussion with Dylan Horrocks – Saturday 17 April

If you’re a graphic artist, zine creator or comic book fan, this event is a must-see! Come along to hear Tara Black in conversation with Dylan Horrocks. Part workshop, part overview, part discussion — join us for what promises to be a fabulous, informative, and entertaining event.

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What? Talk and draw with Tara Black in discussion with Dylan Horrocks

When? Saturday 17 April, 1-2pm

Where? Johnsonville Library, 34 Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville

Picture of Tara Black, link to her websiteTara Black is one of the most distinctive and unique graphic artists working in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Alongside her excellent webcomics (we’re particularly partial to The Blue Fury, in which the ghosts of Janet Frame and Katherine Mansfield get their kicks out of haunting a first-year English teacher), Tara is known for doing live illustrations of events around Wellington City. Tara’s work appears in Booknotes, The Sapling and Stasis Journal. Her first book of graphic works This Is Not A Pipe was published in November 2020 by VUP.

Picture of Dylan Horrocks, link to his websiteThe Eisner Award-winning Dylan Horrocks, of course, is one of the most talented and versatile cartoonists working in the scene today. His works range from the meta-comic tour-de-force that is Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen (VUP, 2014) to the iconic Hicksville (Black Eye Comics, 1998), which we  believe draws some inspiration from  Hastings, which may have been briefly known as Hicksville in the early 1870s, with a healthy dose of work on the Batman and Batgirl comics in the early-mid 2000s.

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