The Doctor asks Ben Aaronovitch a question

We are hosting a unique Question and Answer online session with Rivers of London and Doctor Who script writer Ben Aaronovitch. One of the questions that has come in from the good Doctor herself. Here

is the Doctor consulting with her mortal enemy as to the phrasing of the question.

If you have any questions about writing scripts for the Doctor or Daleks or The rivers of London series of books or indeed any of Ben’s other writing activities, please send them in by the end of September.

You’ve ever wanted to ask Ben Aaronovitch a question, now’s your chance!

Simply send us your questions via Facebook, TwitterInstagram or email until 30 September, and we’ll do our best to ask them during the event. And in the meantime, check out the selection of Ben’s work. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Susannah for supplying the photo of the Doctor.