A huge congratulations to Joy Cowley!

A huge congratulations to author Joy Cowley, who was awarded the Order of New Zealand yesterday at Government House ❤

Our libraries have been very fortunate to have Joy at our events on occasion, and we send her all our very best wishes and a rowdy and heartfelt round of applause from all our librarians here!

Congratulations Joy!

You can browse Joy’s many books for children and adults on our library catalogue. Some favourites are below:

Book Jacket for: Snake and lizardSnake and lizard / Cowley, Joy
“Snake and Lizard are a lovable, foolish pair. They are always arguing, embarking on unlikely enterprises and telling one another hotly contested tales. But none of this behaviour lessens their affection for one another. The International Youth Library has awarded this book with a White Raven, a prize given to 250 notable childrens books published internationally each year.” (Catalogue)

Book Jacket for: The silent oneThe silent one / Cowley, Joy
“The Silent One is Jonasi, sent from the sea as a baby to grow up in an isolated Pacific village. Separated from the villagers by his silence and their prejudices, Jonasi finds solace in his underwater world where he develops a special relationship with a huge white turtle. However, the superstitious villagers see both Jonasi and the turtle as evil spirits. A series of natural disasters and a struggle for leadership within the village sweep Jonasi toward his strange destiny.” (Children’s Bookshop)

Book Jacket for: Mrs. Wishy-Washy's farmMrs. Wishy-Washy’s farm / Cowley, Joy
“Mrs Wishy-Washy is at it again, rubbing and scrubbing all the animals on the farm. But this time they are not standing for it. Duck, cow and pig run away to the big city – but they get lost. Maybe Mrs Wishy-Washy and her farm aren’t so bad after all.” (Catalogue)

Book Jacket for: Helper and helper : Snake and LizardHelper and helper : Snake and Lizard / Cowley, Joy
“We should have a new sign, said Lizard. Exactly what I was thinking! cried Snake. A huge sign at the entrance of our burrow! Snake and Lizard, Helper and Helper. Big help one egg. Little help one beetle. Lizard lifted his chin in defiance. ‘Lizard and Snake! Lizard and Snake! “My dear friend, we can’t have that. Creatures are used to Snake and Lizard. They’ll think Lizard and Snake is a new partnership.” (Catalogue)

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