Architectural studies: New Design books

The latest design and architecture books range in topics, from Bauhaus to Breuer, patterns to prefabs, all the way to the design history of India. Have a browse, and take inspiration from these exciting new selections.

Syndetics book coverPrefabulous small houses / Sheri Koones ; foreword by Robert Redford.
“Prefab home construction has arrived. The benefits of buildings a prefab home (they are better built, use resources more efficiently, and are healthier to live in) apply just as well to vacation homes as they do to primary residences. Prefabulous Small Houses explores the beauty, variety, design, and environmentally positive benefits of prefab construction through the wide variety of prefabrication methods in use today. All the houses featured are highly energy efficient and sustainable.” (Adapted from

Syndetics book coverLiving with pattern : color, texture, and print at home / Rebecca Atwood ; photographs by Emily Johnston.
“In Living with Pattern, Rebecca Atwood travels room by room throughout the house–the expected main rooms as well as smaller, not-to-be-forgotten spaces like reading nooks and foyers–showing how to use pattern to shape interiors. She includes information on how to create different levels of pattern, how color works, how prints can mix and match, how to enliven elements already in the home, how to craft custom patterned pieces, and more. Above all, Atwood makes clear that pattern can be practical and completely usable.” (Publisher)

Syndetics book coverSār : the essence of Indian design / curated by Swapnaa Tamhane and Rashmi Varma.
“The Indian subcontinent is an amalgamation of peoples, cultures, languages and philosophies. Throughout history Indian culture has been subject to myriad different influences, from the Mughal empire to the British Raj to the now globalized nation in transition. This book will trace continuity through the history of Indian design from antiquity to the present day. The book explores the elements that make Indian design so special, including the varied manufacturing and decorating techniques of the country’s incredibly skilled craftsmen, highly specialized object designs that have been refined over centuries, and ongoing responses to nature, technology, and necessity. ” (

Syndetics book coverLinocut for artists & designers / Nick Morley.
“Linocut is used to stunning effect by artists, illustrators, and designers because of its strong graphic qualities, accessibility, and versatility. Whether you are printing by hand on your kitchen table or on a press in a print studio, this book gets you started and goes on to explore the myriad creative applications of linocut. It encourages you to experiment with different approaches to image making and explores new ways of thinking about how linocut can be used. Nick Morley shares his experience and specialist knowledge to make this practical guide an essential companion for everyone interested in this addictive and absorbing medium.” (

Syndetics book coverGraphic storytelling and visual narrative : principles and practices from the legendary cartoonist / Will Eisner.
“Learn how to control a story effectively using a broad array of techniques. With examples from Will Eisner’s own catalog and other masters, this book distills the art of graphic storytelling into principles that every comic artist, writer, and filmmaker should know.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverBauhaus / Boris Friedewald ; translated [by] Christine Shuttleworth.
“This accessible introduction to the Bauhaus tells the story of a radical concept of artistic expression that would transcend the traditional boundaries of the arts. Written in an engaging journalistic style and featuring an innovative layout, the book sheds light on the unconventional lives of the people involved in the Bauhaus, examines the experimental teachings of the movement, and profiles its major figures. A fascinating introduction for anyone interested in learning about this renowned movement, here is a book that is as readable as it is informative.” (Adapted from

Syndetics book coverBreuer / Robert McCarter.
“This excellent architectural study by McCarter provides a thorough account of what it’s actually like to be in Marcel Breuer’s buildings. The book focuses on the importance of interior and exterior design questions to Breuer’s work, to emphasize “the capacity of reinforced concrete to simultaneously shape both building structure and inhabited space.” McCarter uses remarkable precision and meticulous details in his descriptions of many Breuer homes and larger structures. McCarter successfully demonstrates that in Breuer’s body of work, “a balance between embodied space and sculptural form” is achieved in ways seldom seen anywhere.” (Adapted from Publisher Weekly)

Syndetics book cover50 architects, 50 buildings : the buildings that inspire architects / edited by Pamela Buxton ; photographs by Gareth Gardner and Edward Tyler.
“A beautifully produced book featuring buildings from around the world, each selected by well-known contemporary architects on the grounds that it has inspired them and made a big impact on their work. Pamela Buxton has interviewed each of the architects including Chris Williamson, Takero Shimazaki, Peter Smithson and more, to create an outstanding portrait of the buildings that have influenced modern architecture. A wide range of building is featured, from housing estates to castles, coalmines to cathedrals.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)