Customer Survey Results for 2016

iStock_000027421656_500px Thank you very much to all customers who provided feedback and filled out our annual customer survey. This was sent to a group randomly selected from our adult registered members who had given us their email contact addresses. Just over 2000 responses were received back. We always are keen to learn from you what your priorities are for improving what we do.

Here are the results. [1.24 MB]

Some results we’ve noted
– this was the first year we asked you about online tutorials, so we were pleased to see that users are 86% satisfied with those (3,500 tutorials).
– there was a particular improvement in satisfaction with online databases and magazines. We will continue to add new titles to Zinio as the publisher makes them available for us to purchase.
– overall you are satisfied with the range and variety of the physical collections. Each year, we add close to 100,000 new items to the collection, and this remains one of our top priorities. The collection team uses the results from this survey to feed into their budget allocations across subjects.
– although 89% are satisfied with the ease of getting around within libraries, 9% of customers rated this only average.
– finding a quiet place to study or read had one of the lower satisfaction ratings (20% less than satisfied) so we’ll be working on improving that.
– 15% of people were less than satisfied with staff’s availability when needed. One of the great benefits of the new issuing system is that once it is fully installed, more staff will be available to help with your enquiries.
– nearly two-thirds of our customers use Facebook at least once a week, so we’ll be continuing to keep our Facebook account updated with news and events.

Thank you again taking the time to share your feedback and insights. We continue to use the customer survey throughout the year as we review services and plan team work.

2 thoughts on “Customer Survey Results for 2016”

  1. I have yet to take out any DVDs following the advent of do-it-yourself check-out terminals. I find myself really intimidated by them, and reluctant to learn to use them. In addition, I used to often pay cash, and I think that’s not possible with the automated system. To top it off, I enjoyed talking to the folks who took care of the check-out, and sometimes had a question for them. Please bring back people!

  2. Hi Ellen, we’re always happy to answer your queries. The staff at the enquiries desk close to the DVDs can still accept cash if you prefer that option. They can also show you how to use the machines, or assist you with any other questions. Staff are still working on the ground floor to help you, so do feel free to ask them if you need assistance.

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