Chinese reading and writing group

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Are you interested in reading Chinese classic literature and writing articles in Chinese? Do you enjoy having a cup of hot Chinese tea? Your articles could be selected and published on the Chinese Newspaper: HomeVoice. Meetings are held every Friday on 10:00am-12:30pm near the computer books on the First Floor at the Central Library. For more information, please contact: Qiyuan Zhou 5667610.

你喜欢阅读中国传统文学及诗词吗?你喜欢写作和品茶吗?您的文章有可能被选中并发表在惠灵顿乡音报纸上。惠灵顿华文读写协会欢迎您的加入。每周五早上10:00点到中午12:30。 地点是,惠灵顿市中心图书馆二楼(First floor), 电脑书旁。联系人,周起源:5667610。