RFID project update

self-checkNow that the tagging of our library collection has been completed, work will begin on preparing our branches for the installation of our new RFID system. This equipment will enable faster self-service, and reduce time spent on repetitive manual tasks freeing more staff to assist with your queries.

This will take place over March and April and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience you may experience during the work.

Existing barcode scanners will be replaced with RFID-enabled scanner pads and all-new self-issue machines with eft-POS units and DVD unlockers will be installed. Some traditional issues and returns desks will be removed and replaced with returns slots and smaller freestanding “pods”.

While this project is underway replacing your library card will be free.

Our friendly library staff will still be available to help you with your transactions and information needs.

4 thoughts on “RFID project update”

  1. “While this project is underway replacing your library card will be free.”

    Do we need to replace our library card to use the new setup?

  2. Hi Ian, no, there is no need to replace your existing library card as this card will continue to work with the new RFID system. While the changeover is taking place, we are offering free replacement library cards to those who may have misplaced their cards. Hope this clears things up!

  3. Could there be an installable smartphone app to use instead of yet another card (like Snapper has)? I stopped carrying a wallet for cards (and a wristwatch) years ago.

    1. Thanks for the question, David! We will be integrating a virtual library card into our WCL Mini app. We are working on this upgrade and it (and other features) will be available soon.

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