Changes to OverDrive audio books – goodbye WMA format; hello OverDrive Listen!

OverDrive listenTwo big changes to our OverDrive service today – one is the introduction of the new browser based streaming option ‘OverDrive Listen‘, the other is the ending of the provision of WMA format audio books. The outdated WMA format was used in desktop downloads only. Now that the WMA format is being removed all mobile and desktop Audio books downloaded through OverDrive will be MP3 format only and compatible with all listening options. If you have any questions about the withdrawal of the WMA format please contact us through out Technical support form here. This process should be completed by the 10th of June.

‘OverDrive Listen’ will enable Audio book users to stream compatible ‘Listen’ format titles through your browser and an active internet connection. As long as you use the same device and browser for streaming an Audio book title you’ll also be able to save your progress, make notes and highlight sections. For information on how to use ‘OverDrive Listen’ please go here.

There are some browser and software restrictions on usage of the ‘Listen’ format, so if you are experiencing problems check out the ‘Getting started with OverDrive listen’ page for more information or contact us for further help.

We hope you enjoy this new option for audio book listening!