New Cooking books in April

Enjoy our eclectic selection for this month.

Syndetics book coverA Bird in the Hand : chicken recipes for every day and every mood / Diana Henry.
“In A Bird in the Hand , Diana Henry o­ffers a host of new, easy and not-so-very-well-known dishes, starring the bird we all love.” (Adapted from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverKenkō Kitchen / Kate Bradley ; photography by Elisa Watson.
“In Kenko Kitchen, Kate Bradley shares a range of healthy and delicious foods that are easy to prepare, with ingredients available from the local store. Featuring a host of vegan recipes that are also gluten- and sugar-free for those with fructose and gluten intolerances, and delicious raw food, detoxifying, and macrobiotic recipes, Kenko Kitchen is perfect for everyone from whole foods newcomers to long time whole-foods devotees, health-conscious food lovers, vegans, and those with dietary intolerances.”(Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverNote-by-Note Cooking : The Future of Food / Hervé This ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.
Note-by-Note Cooking is a landmark in the annals of gastronomy, liberating cooks from the constraints of traditional ingredients and methods through the use of pure molecular compounds. 1-Octen-3-ol, which has a scent of wild mushrooms; limonene, a colorless liquid hydrocarbon that has the smell of citrus; sotolon, whose fragrance at high concentrations resembles curry and at low concentrations, maple syrup or sugar; tyrosine, an odorless but flavorful amino acid present in cheese–these and many other substances, some occurring in nature, some synthesized in the laboratory, make it possible to create novel tastes and flavors in the same way that elementary sound waves can be combined to create new sounds. Note-by-note cooking promises to add unadulterated nutritional value to dishes of all kinds, actually improving upon the health benefits of so-called natural foods….” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverClean Slate : A Cookbook and Guide : reset your health, detox your body, and feel your best / from the editors of Martha Stewart living.
“This book emphasizes eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods as part of a primarily plant-based diet, with delicious and healthy recipes that make it easy to do just that…You’ll find guidelines for re-stocking your pantry with whole grains, beans and legumes, lean proteins, and healthy fats; glossaries of the best sources of detoxifiers, antioxidants, and other health-boosting nutrients; and menus for a simple 3-day cleanse and a 21-day whole-body detox, with easy-to-follow tips and strategies for staying on track.”–Publisher.

Syndetics book coverDigestion : Eat Your Way to Better Health / Dale Pinnock.
“Tackle digestion complaints and eat your way to better health with TV’s Medicinal Chef and nutrition expert Dale Pinnock. Around 40% of people have at least one digestive symptom at any one time and this book explains how changing your diet can help you to alleviate symptoms.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverHealthy Eating to Reduce the Risk of Dementia : 100 fantastic recipes based on extensive, in-depth research / Margaret Rayman, Katie Sharpe, Vanessa Ridland & Patsy Westcott ; photography by Will Heap.
“Dementia affects nearly 36 million people worldwide, with 7.7 million new cases every year, and has a dramatic impact on sufferers and their families. There is evidence, however, that a healthy lifestyle and diet, especially in mid-life, can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia. In this much-needed book, Margaret Rayman and her team of nutritional experts give clear and effective guidelines on how to adapt your diet and lifestyle to help protect you against this condition.”(Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe 52 new foods challenge : a family cooking adventure for each week of the year / Jennifer Tyler Lee.
“In this book, and the Crunch a Color game that complements it, we meet a mom, advocate, and inspiration who helps families move from bland to bountiful plates from the freezer section to the farmers market. Through an ingenious and simple game, The 52 New Foods Challenge inspires kids, their parents, friends, and families to get into the kitchen to cook, taste, and eat healthy, unprocessed foods together.This book may actually help families save the health of our children, our nation, and perhaps our planet as well!” (Books in Print)

Syndetics book coverFood, Fashion, Love / Fleur Wood ; creative direction by Kristina Ammitzboll ; photography, Rob Palmer.
“Tumble down the rabbit hole and into the wild and whimsical world of Fleur Wood, one of Australia’s leading fashion designers and an enthusiastic home cook. Discover what inspires, motivates and sustains her, from flower-scented baths and tisanes to old-fashioned portraits, love-heart lockets and food with soul. Fleur shares her knowledge and passion for all things vintage and offers a window into the creative processes that drive her covetable collections. Indulge your senses with fabulous fashion, cutting-edge style and plenty of mouth-watering recipes in this visual feast from the immensely creative and talented Fleur Wood.” (Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverAmy’s Baking Year : Seasonal Recipes from Britain’s Youngest Baker / Amy-Beth Ellice.
“Let Britain’s youngest baker take you on a mouth-watering journey through the seasons in her first collection of inspiring recipes. From cute cupcakes, macaroons, cookies, tarts, and classic sponges, to sticky puddings, jams, and gingerbread, there is an indulgent treat to suit every occasion.” (Book Jacket)

The Greengrocer's DietThe Greengrocer’s Diet : what starts as a diet becomes a way of life / Judy Davie.
“Judy Davie The Food Coach believes that, in an era of expensive health food ‘products’ and complex but highly restrictive diets, the best approach to weight loss and better health is relatively simple and based on readily available ingredients with an emphasis of fresh produce. Vegetables and fruit are the lowest calorie and highest nutrient options around. If eaten seasonally and prepared well, they are also cheap and delicious.The Greengrocer’s Diet is a complete seasonal-based eating program that promotes long-term weight loss and good health….The book includes over 220 delicious recipes all beautifully photographed, seasonal lists, meal plans, nutritional guidelines for every dish and clear, safe advice on occasional fasting. Other benefits of the diet include lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, better sleep, improved skin and hair quality and big increases in energy levels….” (Books in Print)